Tap, Tap is updated bringing the Material You and many new features

With Android 12, Google introduced a feature called “Back Tap“. This allows you to perform various actions (for example call up the Google assistant, take a screenshot, pause music playback or open an app of our choice) simply by double-tapping the back of the smartphone. This feature, codenamed “Columbus”, had initially seen the light with the Developer Preview of Android 11, only to be set aside and postponed to the next version of the green robot.

An XDA forum user, Quinny899has developed an application that allows you to bring this functionality to any phone, now “Tap, Tap” has been updated bringing numerous bug fixes and new functions.

Tap, Tap embraces the Material You and introduces some new features

Unlike how the original function was implemented by Google (the code resided entirely in SystemUI) with Android 11, in the next version the code responsible for detecting touches has been moved to a new module called CHRE (Context Hub Runtime Environment) present in the CPU of supported Pixel smartphones, known as Nanoapp. Considering that Nanoapp strictly depends on CPU and firmware, the developer had to implement two different modes of the app, one dedicated to Pixel smartphones and the other for phones not supported by the original function. At the moment it is not necessary to have acquired root permissions to use it, but it cannot be excluded that in the future Google, with Android 13, will change the cards on the table. The application can actually also be used on devices with Android 7 or higher but, in this case, it needs root permissions to work.

Among the innovations introduced, which bring the app to the 1.0.1 build, we find support for the Material You of Google, the whole Tap user interface, Tap has been redesigned and made simpler, but not only, in the changelog the following items are reported:

  • Fixed various crashes including Snapchat, app shortcuts, and network issues
  • Improvements to device specification search for model recommendation
  • Improvements to notification and quick settings expand / collapse actions
  • Actions that are not supported will now provide a reason why they are not
  • Added battery saver gate

If you are interested, you can follow its development and download the apk from Github or from official thread on XDA.

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