“Stop” to Google Assistant, the new command to stop the assistant

You know those situations where your Google assistant gets a little too familiar and starts talking too much? Maybe when he dwells a little with the weather forecast. Or when he decides that, even if we haven’t asked him, he thinks we want to know more about a certain topic and starts adding “did you know…”. Well, from today, Big G has decided to allow us to be a little quicker (and a little less kind) in putting an end to his assistant’s chats, let’s see how.

It is now possible to stop the Google assistant without having to give the usual command first

Back in 2019, Google had introduced the ability to cancel alarms simply by saying “stop“. Last year this feature was revived and expanded with Quick Frases on Pixel smartphones (we talked about it here). Now a similar functionality is also extended to Smart Displays, it will in fact be possible to make the assistant stop talking by just telling him “Stop”, without first having to add the command “Hey Google”. If, due to habit, you still have to insert the canonical command before the order, the assistant will ignore it, accepting only the command for the interruption. The feature will work both with and without continuous conversation enabled.

The intent of Big G is probably that, over time, to expand the functionality of the Quick Frases and expand them to all devices capable of using its virtual assistant. This would certainly prove to be a convenience for us users, plus the interaction with the assistant would benefit, which would acquire much more the tones of a normal conversation between people. In any case, the new functionality is distributed on the server side, without the need for the user to do anything. We are sure that the loyal users of Google Assistant will welcome the news with joy and amazement, a bit like this user did on Twitter.

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