Steno Notes is a no-nonsense note-taking app

Steno Notes is a note taking application focused on the essentials to be more productive.

The app allows you to organize your notes via hashtags so that they are automatically grouped into colored folders and you can quickly find anything using text search or filtering by folder or label.

Steno Notes is a no-nonsense note-taking app

The tool offers the ability to quickly add, edit and delete notes with the option to cancel in case of accidental deletion.

L’application allows you to share your notes with friends and family, while in the options you can choose the theme with a combination of light-dark colors to reduce eye strain, or the completely black theme.

The app also includes a section with tutorials and FAQs, plus beta testers interested in communicating more with the development team can refer to this page dedicated to them.

Steno Notes is available for Android free of charge supported by optional in-app purchases to upgrade to the Pro version at a cost of € 2.99 per year or € 0.99 per month, however it is still under development, so it may have some bugs.

The application asks for permissions to access the microphone and photos, multimedia elements and files and is traceable nel Play Store from Google using the badge you find below.

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