Starlink connection kits have arrived in Ukraine

THE Starlink network access kits promised by Elon Musk have arrived in Ukraine. The confirmation has arrived in these hours. Thanks to the connectivity solutions proposed by Starlink it will be possible to continue to exploit the Internet connection even in the event of damage to the land infrastructure related to bombings and other actions of the Russian army in Ukraine.

The Starlink service is active in Ukraine

As promised by Elon Musk in recent days, Starlink’s service is now active in Ukraine. The company has sent the connection kits which, as confirmed in these hours, have already been delivered in the Ukrainian territories. In this way, the Internet connection will be fully guaranteed. The confirmation came from the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, Mykhalio Fedorov.

At the moment, it is not clear how the dishes necessary for the satellite link will be installed. In any case, the kits have been delivered and more will arrive over the next few days. It will be up to the Ukrainian authorities to assess the best way to use the various Starlink kits to ensure the necessary Internet connectivity throughout the territory in Ukraine in case of problems.

More details on the matter will certainly arrive in the next few days. A further worsening of the situation may require the installation of an even greater number of kits in order to offer the necessary connectivity.

The tweet confirming the arrival of the new connection kits

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