Spotify launches Megaphone in Italy, one of the main podcasting platforms

Spotify has also extended the availability of Megaphone, an all-in-one podcasting platform specializing in publishing, ads, analytics and monetization. In addition to the Bel Paese, Megaphone is now also available in Germany and Spain.

Spotify also shared a series of statistics on the use of podcasts, a market on which the company is focusing more and more. From what has been learned, listeners have access to increasingly engaging content, and currently 20-30% of those with internet access in these four markets listen to podcasts (source: eMarketer, October 2021). In Europe, advertising investments in podcasts have increased by more than 50% and are expected to exceed € 200 million by 2023 (source: IAB Europe, May 2021).

Since its launch in 2015, Megaphone is among the leading podcasting platforms in the world and boasts collaborations with publications and publishers such as ViacomCBS And The Wall Street Journal. Over 30% of the top 200 show offering on Spotify and Apple is hosted on Megaphone, which handles more than twice as many podcasts in the top 200 as the second largest podcasting platform (Spotify data, October 2021; Chartable 2020) . Over the past year, the community of publishers using Megaphone has grown by more than 50% in markets outside the United States.

Megaphone offers a suite of tools designed for podcast publishers to create, monetize and measure their business, promising to generate more revenue, regardless of how they monetize. The platform has been designed for large-scale support, regardless of the volume of content, and allows you to place and host ads providing a comprehensive performance analysis. Publishers can plan inventory, manage individual advertisers’ campaigns, and analyze post-campaign performance. For podcasts that have been on the platform for at least six months, there was an average increase in monthly episode production of over 15%.

Podcasters interested in the Megaphone platform can access it from the web address

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