Splitcar is a useful app for sharing car travel expenses with other passengers

Splitcar is a useful app to calculate the expenses incurred for a car trip and to share them with other passengers.

To use the app, simply enter the distance, vehicle consumption, fuel cost, tolls and parking spaces paid and the number of people with whom to divide the total expense and in a few moments you can share the amount due with the passengers.

The instrument is able to calculate the distance in advance by entering the places of departure and arrival and supports various measurement systems: Km, liters, euros; miles, liters, pounds; miles, gallons, dollars and km, liters, CHF, with the possibility of changing the measurement system at any time through the settings screen which also allows you to choose the preferred theme for the light and dark interfaces.

Splitcar is available for Android for free without in-app purchases, but is supported by advertisements, and can be found in the Google Play Store through the badge below.

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