Sparkle launches IoT Global, a global connectivity service for the Internet of Things

Sparkle, the global operator of the TIM Group, launched “IoT Global” during a press meeting held in the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. It is a managed IoT connectivity service that allows companies to control their resources distributed in multiple countries and without interruption for the user.

IoT Global was born in response to the increasingly key role that connectivity has for the success of Internet of Things (IoT) projects, especially for companies operating internationally with offices abroad or assets on the move, ensuring the transmission of data between geographically distributed Machine to Machine (M2M) devices and the cloud environment that hosts the applications. With the advent of 5G mobile networks and next-generation M2M SIMs, latency is a fundamental factor in ensuring timeliness of information and accuracy in business processes.

The solution IoT Global of Sparkle is based on the use of global M2M SIMs able to connect to any cellular network, thus giving companies the possibility to manage their devices around the world without having to activate services with local operators. In addition, thanks to a virtualized and cloud-native mobile network infrastructure distributed across all continents and roaming agreements with over 500 mobile operators worldwide, Sparkle offers high-performance connectivity on a global scale with very low latency, making the its IoT solution particularly suitable for applications that require real-time control.

Sparkle has a proprietary fiber network that spans over 600,000km across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. Thanks to IP & Data, Cloud and Data Center, Enterprise, Mobile and Voice platforms, Sparkle offers a complete range of ICT solutions to companies and multinationals, fixed and mobile telephony operators, ISPs, OTTs, content providers and media and Application services. Service Provider. Sparkle’s sales force is active worldwide with a direct presence in 32 countries.

IoT Global thus enriches the portfolio of digital solutions offered by Sparkle to companies – which also include MPLS, Ethernet, managed SD-WAN, cloud connectivity and multicloud automation services – aimed at connecting the international offices of companies and managing communications both to company internal and with their external ecosystems.

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