Snapchat for Halloween 2021 launches new Lenses, new costumes and the spooky map

On the occasion of Halloween, Snap worked on a series of themed features for Snapchat that include Halloween Lenses – with increasingly advanced technologies – new costumes to make your Bitmoji even more original and a spooky map to let in even more. Snapchatter in the spirit of the scariest party of the year.

Snapchat’s AR technology that includes body morphing and mesh up between human features and has not led to the availability of the new lens’Warewolf‘to transform into a werewolf, while upper body segmentation technology is behind the new lens’Spooky Fashion‘through which it is possible to fiber all the ghosts hidden within oneself. Powered by Snap technology for altering the surrounding context, there is the lens’Haunted House‘with which you just need to open your mouth to transform yourself into a monster. Finally, there is the lens’Cyclops‘which transforms into a person with only one eye instead of two. You can see examples for these lenses below.

6 new Bitmoji costumes are available this year for the scariest party of the year: fairy, witch, clown, dancer, angel, devil. In addition, there are 3 new t-shirts and sweatshirts dedicated to this occasion, decorated with a worked pumpkin and a skeleton. It is also possible to share “scary” stickers with friends – in chat or by sending a Snap – by selecting them from the new Halloween themed stickers.

How to change the outfit on your Bitmoji:
• Open the Snapchat application and click on your profile icon at the top left
• On the bottom left of your Bitmoji 3D you will see a hanger icon. Click it to edit your avatar, you will have
• Direct access to the wardrobe, from where you can select your Halloween costume
• Select your favorite costume and celebrate.

The map in Snapchat for a limited time will look terrifying, as can be seen below. It is possible to find out where your friends are and what they are dressed from directly from the Remember map, and it is possible to share your position with everyone, only with friends or appear in ‘ghost’ mode from the settings menu in the corner of the screen.

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