Smartphone at risk for this common mistake?

In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have had to make several changes to the structure of their devices and this to adapt them to new technologies and to reduce space and one of the most common solutions is represented for example by the trolley containing the SIM card.

Usually to access the SIM slot, a hole is used and the special small pointed accessory to be inserted in it, in order to exert pressure and release the relative trolley.

Here’s what happens when you make a mistake with smartphones

But, from time to time, it can happen by mistake of insert the pointed accessory into the wrong hole and that is in that of microphone and it is in these cases that various concerns begin to creep into the minds of users, such as the possibility of having damaged the microphone itself or having ruined the waterproofing system of the smartphone.

Well, Zack of JerryRigEverything has decided to want to lend a hand to those who were in a similar situation and make a video with which he tries to explain what could happen if these small “accidents” occur.

For this test Zack used some smartphones, starting with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the result is rather reassuring: in essence, the hole for the microphone is very narrow and the microphone itself is positioned at a fair distance from the body and, therefore, not there is a risk of causing damage by accidentally inserting the accessory to eject the SIM tray. And the waterproofing system was also made taking into account this possible error, which is not capable of causing damage.

The same goes for other recent smartphones, such as Google Pixel 6 ProXiaomi Mi 11 and OnePlus 10 Pro while the same guarantees are not there for older phones, for which these precautions may not have been taken by their respective manufacturers.

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