Smart Launcher 6: here’s what happened

Among the many applications dedicated to Android users who like to customize their device we also find Smart Launcheran app that in recent days has generated many problems due to a bug that, fortunately, has already been solved.

To tell what happened at the end of January is the same developer with a post on the official blogwith which he explains that on January 30 the first reports of users who complain of a serious problem in the functioning of his launcher begin to arrive and this allows him to understand what happened in a few minutes.

The Smart Launcher bug and the solution

The developer remembers that 8 months ago has started testing a new version of the launcher with a small closed group of alpha testers and, fearing that someone would leak the APK, causing outdated and unstable versions for months, implemented a check intended to work only during the testing phase closed alphain order to prevent people from using potentially dangerous versions of the launcher for too long.

Basically, the system required the user to upgrade to a newer version of Smart Launcher in case the current build was older than 30 days and in the developer’s schedules it should never have forced people not included in alpha tests to update their app.

Except that, with the continuation of the development work of Smart Launcher 6, something did not go as it should and this check it ended up in the stable version by the applicationcausing the serious bug and making the app unusable for some users.

The developer is keen to clarify that he immediately requested the publication on the Google Play Store of a new version of the app without the wrong code but the approval times of the platform depend on various factors and, therefore, another 36 hours passed before the actual publication.

In apologizing to all users for the inconvenience caused and aware of having suffered a severe blow to the image of Smart Launcher, the developer undertakes to make a series of changes to prevent what has happened from happening again.

Additionally, anyone who has purchased a lifetime license in the last year or has an active subscription between January 30, 2022 and February 1, 2022 will be able to request cancellation and get a refund. by filling out this form by February 15th.

The Smart Laucher 6 app for Android is available in the Google Play Store:

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