SeriesGuide tracks your TV and movie viewing progress

SeriesGuide is an application that allows you to find movies and TV series to watch, with the ability to track viewing progress, receive notifications on upcoming episodes and synchronize them across all devices.

The app allows you to connect your Trakt account to access the list and add content, rate and comment, and it is also possible to synchronize movies and episodes viewed between the apps and media centers supported by Trakt. There is also the option to avoid spoilers by hiding the details until the episode is seen.

By accessing SeriesGuide Cloud you can back up and synchronize your TV series, lists and movies, and through your subscription you can unlock all the functions such as multiple options for widgets, notifications for new episodes and much more.

The developer specifies that SeriesGuide does not allow you to watch TV series or movies in streaming and that the broadcast date indicated for the TV series refers to that of the original network.

SeriesGuide is available for Android for free supported by optional in-app purchases to join one of the subscriptions and support the development and addition of new features.

The application asks for permissions to access identities, contacts, photos, media and files and can be found in the Play Store from Google using the badge you find below.

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