See how beautiful the new YouTube player for Android is

YouTube is one of the liveliest social networks and rich in interesting content on the internet and being part of the Google family of services, it cannot miss the support that only a large company can offer. The app of YouTube for Android in recent weeks is certainly undergoing several changes and the latest in this series is one new interface for the video player which is now more elegant and clean, both stylistically and in terms of order. Despite the unhappy period for the platform due to protests regarding the removal of the “dislike” count, the Californian giant tries to make its platform more enjoyable.

The difference that can be seen in comparison to the previous interface is the presence of some new keys below the video progress bar, which allow you to like, dislike, open comments, save the video in a playlist and share what we are watching. To the right of this series of keys we find a shortcut that allows you to access other videos, which are shown with their cover image, in a sort of gallery which among other things indicates which videos will be played next.

Thanks to these changes, the progress bar of the video is now moved slightly higher, in a position that is certainly more comfortable than before. At the top right we find instead a new icon that recalls a gear, which replaces the three dots to which we had become accustomed for a long time. This icon will call up the menu which, among other things, allows you to select the quality of the video, which, however, has not undergone any retouching, like the icons for casting on other screens and the selector for automatic playback of queued videos.

As a last detail we have a small arrow next to the video title that will open the description of the video itself. In these hours the rollout of this new player interface has begun YouTube for many android users, while on iOS this one has not yet shown up. If you haven’t received it yet, you may need to update your app (the latest version is 17.03.35) although, as this is a server-side change activated, you may need to be patient before you see it appear. You can download or check for updates thanks to the box below.

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