Samsung values ​​your old smartphone up to 750 euros

An extraordinary promotional initiative, conceived by Samsung to accompany the launch of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, the new low-priced flagship. In fact, until 31 March 2022 you have the possibility to receive up to 750 euros for your old smartphone if you buy the new top of the range from the South Korean company.

Up to 750 euros for used items

Samsung has launched the Trade-In initiative, not an absolute novelty, to make the new smartphone even more attractive, especially for those who already have a smartphone, Samsung but not only, and would like toend it to get a share of the cost of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

If it may make little sense for those who already own a top of the range, the situation is different for those who perhaps own a Galaxy S10, or a mid-range model of the Galaxy A series, but also a OnePlus, a Xiaomi or a HONOR. Obviously the best ratings are for the more expensive products, such as iPhone 13, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, which are valued at 750 euros.

You will hardly sell one of these models at a similar price, even if you would then take the Galaxy S21 Fe home for about twenty euros. The situation is different for those who have a smartphone from 1-2 years ago, the evaluations are very interesting. Here are some examples:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + 128 GB 400 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 128 GB 400 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 + 256 GB 200 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 128 GB 200 euros
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 256 GB 220 euros
  • Huawei P40 Pro 256 GB 280 euros
  • OnePlus 8T 256 GB 240 euros
  • iPhone 12 128 GB 425 euros

Samsung also provides the rating for some smartwatches, tablets and headphones, but also generic Apple computers and notebooks. To find out the evaluation of your product, simply visit the initiative page, accessible via the link below, and select the device from the list.

Samsung Premium Tradein

In order to participate in the promotion, you will therefore need to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE by March 31st and register it using the link above before 21 April 2022. Once you have accepted the evaluation, you will need to send it to the company that collects used devices and wait for verification.

If the product is exactly in the conditions described you will receive, within 45 days, a transfer to the account indicated during registration. For all the details on the promotion, please consult This Page.

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