Samsung unveils several concepts at CES 2022

In the last few years Samsung he certainly did not hide his belief in the folding smartphone sector and the various models launched confirmed the great interest of the Korean giant for this type of device.

And so it’s no wonder that al CES 2022 of Las Vegas the Samsung team has brought some concept with which he offers us a demonstration of what could come from the company in the coming months and of the potential that this technology is able to guarantee.

Here are Samsung’s folding smartphone concepts

Flex S And Flex G are probably the two most interesting concepts, as they represent those that could soon arrive on the market: the first is a multi-folding device that can be folded inwards and outwards in the shape of an “S” (this concept allows to use a separate display when the device is folded, with various possibilities of use) while the second is a multi-folding product that folds inwards twice in the shape of a “G” (this solution guarantees a higher resistance, as the screen is protected from any external impact or scratches).

Another very interesting Samsung concept is that of Flex Slidable, i.e. a device with horizontal scrolling technology, by virtue of which it is possible to take advantage of a larger screen depending on the content displayed.

And then there is Flex Note, a concept that brings Samsung’s folding technology also to the laptop sector, with a device that folds has the classic dimensions of a model with a 13-inch display and that when open reaches a diagonal of 17 inches.

Samsung has also thought about how to take advantage of folding screen technology for an AI speaker and the result is this:

We are waiting to find out if and when these concepts will really arrive at devices destined for marketing.

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