Samsung patents a never-before-seen multi-folding device

Let’s go back to talking about the most talked about smartphone manufacturer of recent days, Samsung. The Korean giant has just presented its new series of top-of-the-range smartphones and tabletsthe Galaxy S22 family and the Galaxy Tab S8 series; to have other surprises in the high-end of the manufacturer we will have to wait until August, the date on which the successors of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 could presumably be presented. patent filed by Samsung for a multi foldable devicelet’s see what it is.

Samsung has patented a phone that folds in and out

Samsung seems to have taken a liking to us in the field of folding, there is no shortage of ideas to innovate and what we present today is certainly not the manufacturer’s first patent in the foldable field (here you can find the latest in chronological order). The documentation was initially submitted a year ago in South Korea, later on July 13, 2021 the patent was filed with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) from Samsung Electronics; the document, which you can view hereis titled with a generic “Foldable Electronic Device”. What is anything but generic in reality, is the structure of the smartphone in question, in fact it is hinged both on the vertical axis and on the horizontal one: vertically you can fold the display outwards, horizontally you can fold the screen inwards so as to keep it protected when you carry it around.

The design of this leaflet is something completely new, when open it should have a screen similar in size to the Galaxy Z Fold 3but with a completely different hinge system: the vertical fold line is not central, but shifted to the leftwhich allows you to have a larger portion of the screen on the right that can fold outwards. It will be possible to fold the screen in order to have a double-sided phone, leaving the triple main camera free and usable. In addition, the horizontal hinge allows you to fold the device and use it for example as a small laptop; in short, the possibilities of use seem varied.

All that glitters is not gold though, it will be necessary to see, if this device ever sees the light, how Samsung will tackle the problem of display creases due to this double hinge. In fact, at the moment, only smartphones like OPPO Find N and HONOR Magic V have managed to minimize the annoying folding groove compared to competitors; time will tell if, and above all how, the Korean giant wants to give life to this multi-fold smartphone.

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