Samsung Knox Vault increases security on Galaxy devices, first on Galaxy S21 series

Samsung Knox is Samsung Electronics’ mobile security platform developed in 2013, initially as a security solution for businesses but now comes pre-installed on most of the company’s mobile devices and serves as an important security shield on Galaxy devices for consumers as well private. To cope with the ever-expanding digital scenario, Samsung Knox is constantly evolving to provide end-to-end protection, in real time, for the entire lifespan of the products that integrate it, confirming itself as a collective security system. where users and companies are always supported in terms of cyber security.

After integrating it for the first time into the Galaxy S21 5G line up earlier this year, Samsung plans to use the advanced ‘Samsung Knox Vault’ system on more new devices which, in addition to encrypting personal data of users offered by Knox ‘base’, it can also offer greater protection of important information, including sensitive information related to services such as Samsung Pay. Knox Vault, in fact, combines specific security hardware (in particular, it is a secure processor and an isolated security memory) with new integrated software, able to protect data within applications and operating system Android. This type of solution responds to the increasingly advanced security demand that derives from an important and conscious use of digital solutions, at every level, from the consumer to company systems that process large quantities of information, from sensitive personal data to the most basic, but not less relevant, details relating to products and services offered.

Knox Vault is therefore particular because it combines two types of security solutions: hardware and software. These work together but at the same time independently, thus minimizing the sharing of data that could potentially be the subject of cyber attacks.

All data saved on Samsung Knox Vault storage is isolated from the primary operating system for even greater protection. Not only does it make user data more secure, Knox Vault also protects devices from a variety of attacks such as:
– voltage and glitch: the system detects abnormal or glitched current voltage;
– temperature: the system detects unusual temperatures, over -35 degrees Centigrade and +100 degrees Centigrade;
– laser: the system detects the laser attempts to attack laser in the active screen or in the internal circuit;
– active shield removal: the system detects abnormal activity that attempts to remove the chip protection shield.
– detection.

And for companies specifically, Samsung offers the solutions’Knox Cloud” designed to support corporate mobility and allow different types of businesses to configure, customize, distribute and manage devices for every type of need.

In recent years, Samsung has demonstrated its commitment to security through its devices, for both businesses and home users. Proof of this is the recent announcement that Galaxy devices introduced on the market starting in 2019 will be able to receive periodic security updates, for at least four years after the initial release.

“At Samsung, our priority is to offer the best and safest mobile experience to our users, so we are constantly optimizing the security of our products and services”, explained Seungwon Shin, VP and Head of Security Team at Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “Mobile devices play such an important role in our life that it is natural to want to own them for longer. That is why, thanks to the latest technological advances, we are committed to protecting Galaxy devices even longer, so that everything that should be protected remains protected. ”

Watch the video below to learn more about how Samsung Knox Vault protects important information on Galaxy devices for which it is available.

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