Samsung is the first Android brand

An investigation of Counterpoint Research confirm one new growth for premium smartphone sales (priced over $ 400). This particular market segment has grown much more significantly than the entire smartphone market recorded in 2021. It should also be noted that premium smartphones account for 27% of overall smartphone sales on a global scale. Leading the market segment is, of course, Apple with his iPhones. As for the Android market, however, it is Samsung the reference with Xiaomi which is preparing to surpass Huawei. Here is the complete data.

Sales of premium smartphones on a global scale are still growing: the data from Counterpoint Research

Sales of premium smartphones that do not seem to be experiencing a crisis continue to grow. In fact, during 2021 this market segment recorded an increase of + 24% in terms of units sold compared to 2020 data. Sales of smartphones with a price tag greater than $ 400 also account for the 27% of total market sales. This percentage is 4 points higher than last year’s figure and represents the highest value ever detected by the Counterpoint Research survey which has been going on since 2016. In the last five years there has therefore been an increase of 8 percentage points for this category of smartphones.

The ranking of brands: Apple’s iPhones lead the market, Samsung first among the OEMs in the Android market

Not surprising, of course, the leadership of Apple in the market segment. The Cupertino house covers the 60% of sales of the premium smartphone market, also recording substantial growth compared to the data collected in 2020 (when the market share stopped at 55%). More than half of the premium smartphones sold are made by Apple, and the gap with Android competition continues to grow.

As the Counterpoint Research chart shows, in fact, leading the Android premium market is Samsung with the 17% total sales (out of total, including Apple). The figure for the Korean house is lower than the 20% recorded in 2020. Still down Huawei which passes from 13% to just 6%, confirming the gradual reduction of its presence in the international smartphone market. Instead, it grows Xiaomi. The Chinese house passes 3% to 5% preparing to overtake Huawei as early as 2022 most likely. To complete the ranking we find OPPO with the 4% And I live with the 3%.

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The analysis of the Top 5 on a local scale. Apple leads in all regions. In Western Europe And Samsung to occupy the second position preceding Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus. Google, on the other hand, appears in the ranking, in third place, in North America, confirming a certain interest on the part of North American users for Pixel smartphones. Huawei is in second place in China, confirming itself as a reference for the domestic market. OnePlus, in addition to the fifth position in Western Europe, also carves out the fourth position in North America and the second position in India.

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Premium smartphones are almost exclusively 5G

The latest graphic from the survey highlights the growth of 5G smartphones in the premium market. The latest data confirm, in fact, that the diffusion of 5G devices in this facia of the market is now equal to 91% with 4G smartphones occupying only 9% of the market. The launch of the new iPhone 13 ensured a clear acceleration in recent months in the spread of 5G smartphones.

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