Samsung grows thanks to sales of Galaxy smartphones

The consumer electronics market never stops, quarter after quarter it records more and more general sales, certainly thanks to that sense of unbridled consumerism now intrinsic in various users. Nonetheless, profits for industry leaders have fallen slightly from the past, mainly due to rising commodity prices and chip crisis. A few days ago we presented you with an overview of the sales data of Xiaomi and Google, today we take a look together at the situation of Samsung.

Samsung achieves record revenue with Galaxy smartphones

Let’s start by giving the numbers (no we are not crazy), the Korean giant has published the financial results for the third quarter of 2021: these show a record turnover of 55 billion euros, closing the quarter with a profit of 7.8 billion euros. The full fiscal year brought Samsung 203 billion euros in revenue, setting a new all-time high with 37 billion euros in profit..

All of this was possible above all thanks to the sales of the Galaxy series smartphoneswhich recorded a significant increase in the last quarter, but also thanks to the sales numbers of folding devices, increasingly appreciated and sought after by consumers. Among other things, precisely in the field of folding, the giant estimates for 2022 a significant increase in turnover in the sector of panels, whose demand is constantly growing.

In the European continent, Samsung has registered a 11% increase in smartphone sales compared to the previous year, closing the year with a market share of 33%. To all this is added the usual ballet, to which we are now accustomed, between the Korean giant and Apple; the latter recorded higher sales in December, thanks to the fact that it presented its new product line in the last quarter. Samsung, for its part, will probably regain the first position with the presentation and consequent marketing of its new Galaxy S22 series.

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