Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is updated with several new features

Samsung, as promised in recent days, immediately after the end of the event Galaxy Unpacked of February 9, 2022 has begun rolling out a major update of the firmware for its Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic smartwatches, Also in Italy. The update introduces novelties on the latest Samsung Galaxy wearable models that are useful for users to customize their wearable device through new dials but also new ways to achieve their health and wellness goals. These include advanced interval training designed for cyclists or runners of any skill level, a new sleep coaching program, and new body composition information.

A detailed study of the news yes can find HERE, while below we report the firmware changelog in distribution from 9 February 2022 for the Galaxy Watch4 (but it should also apply to the Galaxy Watch4 Classic). Firmware that ‘weighs’ about 620MB, so for the installation the advice is to download it via WiFi network in order not to consume giga. The update is downloaded and installed through the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone (Galaxy Watch4> Watch Settings> Watch Software Update).

Changelog build: R870XXU1EVA8
• Update Clock Face Live Wallpaper with Galaxy S22 Wallpaper.
• New watch faces have been added to match the new straps.
• Additional customization options have been added to existing clock faces, including clock colors and fonts.
• You can get information on lost hydration and calorie consumption after outdoor running exercises, to give the body the right balance and optimize the efficiency of physical activity.
• The watch now supports Interval training for running and cycling exercises. Define a more systematic exercise plan with Galaxy Watch!
• When you have finished exercising, the watch measures your heart rate recovery. Check with the Galaxy Watch if your heart rate has recovered properly during the break.
• You can now see your personalized training load as you run. Check and adjust your training load in real time (this indicator shows the% of maximum oxygen consumption).
• You can now see heart rate and calorie measurements on your watch or smartphone display. It will be useful for you to ride safely.
• You can now set personal goals for your body composition analysis. Define your personal goals, get advice on achieving them, and earn badges when you succeed.
• The watch provides 8 customized types of sleep guidance, based on the watch’s measured sleep data.
• You can use a sleep guide for 4-5 weeks, and you can improve your sleep habits by adjusting them to your sleep patterns! [Questa funzione è intesa solo per scopi generali di benessere. Usa una guida al sonno solo per tuo riferimento personale. Questa non è destinata all’uso per scopi legati al rilevamento, alla diagnosi o al trattamento di alcuna condizione medica o disturbo del sonno. Rivolgiti a un medico per avere consigli.]
• When SmartThings detects that the user has fallen asleep, it can activate the most suitable settings in the smart devices to create an environment conducive to sleep.
• Orientation settings have been added to help wear the watch in the desired direction and on the desired wrist. You choose how to orient your watch on the wrist, through the watch and the Galaxy Wearable application.
• You will have more Bixby voice commands available. Bixby voice commands can read notifications, respond and control the volume of media controllers.
• If this is the first time you connect your smartphone to your watch, the applications you use most often on your smartphone and your other Android devices are automatically installed on the watch (only if such applications exist for the watch). [L’elenco delle applicazioni usate frequentemente si basa sull’elenco delle applicazioni presente nell’account Google dell’utente. ]
• Use the Galaxy Wearable application to discover the most popular applications in the Play Store more easily and quickly.

Coming soon, an additional software update will introduce the Galaxy Watch4 series to be able to stream music via Wi-Fi or LTE from the YouTube Music app to your watch, without needing a nearby phone. Additionally, on-wearable support for the Google Assistant will be introduced, making it the second officially supported voice assistant on the Galaxy Watch4 series after Bixby.

Finally, Samsung will shortly begin selling new bands for the Galaxy Watch4 series.

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