Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 series official for a total of eight new products

During the first event Samsung Galaxy Unpacked of 2022 which was held on February 9 from 10:00 EST (16:00 Italian time) in streaming première the South Korean company presented the new series of Galaxy S22 smartphone and the new series of Galaxy Tab S8 tablet.

“True innovations don’t just evolve with the world, they help shape it. To create the devices that propel us forward, rewrite the future and bring light into the dark, we must continue to break the rules of what’s possible with a smartphone. . Join Samsung Electronics on February 9, 2022 for the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked as we set an epic new standard for smartphones with the most noteworthy S series ever created. “ read the invitation of the event, which for those who have not been able to see it live can review in full or through the highlights below.

In the days preceding the event of February 9, 2022, the President and Head of the MX division of Samsung Electronics in an editorial TM Roh talked about how his company is committed to revolutionizing the rules of the smartphone in an ever-changing world, anticipating that at the first Unpacked 2022 event the company would present “the most remarkable device ever launched in the S series. The new generation of Galaxy S has arrived, and it brings together all the best features of the Samsung Galaxy in one, extraordinary product”. And this is how we then got to know phones a few hours ago Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + And Galaxy S22 Ultra.

“Our smartphone cameras have transformed the way we create, share and communicate. Through photos and videos we have the opportunity to express ourselves and keep in touch with the people we love “, said TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics MX (Mobile eXperience) Business. “That’s why we focused on designing our latest S-series devices with stunning camera capabilities, perfect for shooting day and night, and powered by the best mobile performance ever.”

“At Samsung, we are constantly striving to raise the bar for our most premium devices”, TM Roh added. “Galaxy S22 Ultra takes the Galaxy Note’s most beloved features and the most popular aspects of the S series and combines them for a truly unique mobile experience. This is a big step forward for mobile technology, which defines a new smartphone standard ”.

On February 9, Samsung also announced the next generation of tablets to the Galaxy Tab S7, the new Galaxy Tab S8 series consisting of Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8 + And Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. All come with SPen, large display, and software designed to deliver premium entertainment, video conferencing, gaming and productivity.

“As we rely more and more on video to stay connected and for entertainment, we know that the most interesting feature of a tablet is the large screen and portability”TM Roh said. “We have worked for years on innovation in mobile experiences to perfect the Galaxy Tab S8 series, and to push the boundaries of what is possible on a tablet with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.”

Galaxy S22 was presented as “more eco-conscious Galaxy device“paving the way for mobile technology to support the planet. Plastic pollution poses a serious threat to the environment, and fishing nets thrown into the sea are particularly dangerous to marine life and oceans. Working with industry organizations , Samsung helps to recover the fishing nets used and dispersed at sea[, trasformandole in materiali ad alte prestazioni per gli smartphone. Questo materiale, utilizzato nei supporti dei tasti della serie Galaxy S22, contiene il 20% di plastica riciclata proveniente dagli oceani, nello specifico da reti da pesca disperse in mare. La serie Galaxy S22 incorpora inoltre materiali riciclati nei moduli degli speaker audio, così come nelle parti interne dei tasti di accensione/spegnimento e volume. Oltre alle plastiche oceaniche, per il packaging di Galaxy S22 viene utilizzata carta riciclata al 100% e sul display è inclusa una pellicola protettiva realizzata in plastica riciclata. Ogni custodia è inoltre progettata con materiali eco-compatibili e certificati UL, come plastica riciclata dopo l’uso o sostanze bio-based. Tutto ciò è solo l’ultimo esempio dell’impegno di Samsung nel fare di più con meno, come parte del programma Galaxy for the Planet.

Samsung nel corso dell’Unpacked Febbraio 2022 ha annunciato l’inizio della distribuzione del nuovo aggiornamento del firmware per la serie di smartwatch Galaxy Watch4 che introduce nuovi quadranti per personalizzare il wearable e nuovi strumenti utili per raggiungere i propri obiettivi di salute e benessere – funzione di intervallo target, programma di coaching del sonno, analisi approfondite della composizione corporea. Samsung ha anche anticipato l’arrivo del supporto per Google Assistant sulla Galaxy Watch4 Series.

Infine, Samsung ha annunciato aggiornamenti per quattro generazioni di One UI e Android per alcuni dispositivi Galaxy.

Galaxy S22 nel mercato italiano debutta nelle seguenti configurazioni:

• versione da 8GB + 128GB al prezzo consigliato di 879 euro

• versione da 8GB + 256GB al prezzo consigliato di 929 euro
Galaxy S22+ nel mercato italiano debutta nelle seguenti configurazioni:

• versione da 8GB + 128GB al prezzo consigliato di 1.079 euro

• versione da 8GB + 256GB al prezzo consigliato di 1.129 euro
Galaxy S22 Ultra nel mercato italiano debutta nelle seguenti configurazioni:

• versione da 8GB + 128GB al prezzo consigliato di 1.279 euro

• versione da 12GB + 256GB al prezzo consigliato di 1.379 euro

• versione da 12GB + 512GB al prezzo consigliato di 1.489 euro

• versione da 12GB + 1TB al prezzo consigliato di 1.689 euro (esclusivo su
serie Galaxy Tab S8 nel mercato italiano debutta con prezzi a partire da:

• Galaxy Tab S8 da 799 euro

• Galaxy Tab S8+ da 999 euro

• Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra da 1.299 euro

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