Samsung Galaxy S5 gives itself Android 12 thanks to modding

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a smartphone from 2014 and therefore its official support has long since ended, however with modding everything (or almost) it is possible, even that a smartphone that came out almost a decade ago can give itself a pretty good tail with Android 12.

A few days ago we told you about the latest update of the developer’s custom GSI phhussonwhich now even supports OTA updates and allows you to use Android 12 without significant problems on any smartphone that supports Project Treble.

Today, however, we are talking about a much older smartphone, which arrived on the market even three years before the birth of Project Treble, with the consequence not even the aforementioned GSI could allow those who still own one (presumably placed in a drawer) to try Android 12.

In the magical world of modding, however, a solution is always found and this time it is thanks to the developer khalvatSenior Member of XDA. The latter has just published one custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 12 base: it’s about a Unofficial CrDroid v8.0.

For the uninitiated, crDroid is a project curated by a rather small group of developers and is based on LineageOS, one of the most popular and appreciated custom ROMs around. On the official website available at this linkin the FAQ section, an express note is inserted according to which the team undertakes to support only Android 12 builds for new devices (not just smartphones) and in fact, as mentioned, the one for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a build Unofficial.

Despite the age of the device, no serious problems are reported at the moment, the only one already pointed out by the developer concerns the failure of mobile network connectivity on dual SIM models.

For complete instructions on how to proceed and for the links to the necessary downloads, we refer you to the dedicated thread:

Unofficial CrDroid v8.0 with Android 12 for Samsung Galaxy S5

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