Samsung Galaxy S22 will be made from recycled materials

There are now two days to go until the official presentation of the series Samsung Galaxy S22scheduled for Wednesday 9 Februarysmartphones that will be partly made with a new, more sustainable material.

To make it known was the same Korean giant, which in the past few hours he presented his new initiative that combines sustainability and innovation: in essence, Samsung has decided to exploit fishing nets intended to pollute the sea to create a material to be used in their smartphones, thus reducing the company’s environmental impact and promoting more sustainable lifestyles.

Samsung Galaxy S22 will also make a contribution to the environment

Starting with the smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, therefore, the Korean giant will incorporate plastic destined to pollute the oceans in all its devices, thus highlighting how its future devices will be able to count at the same time on a product design at the same time. avant-garde and a better environmental impact.

Samsung explains that generally when you think of plastic that pollutes the oceans, most people imagine bottles or classic shopping bags but there is also a hidden and very dangerous threat at the bottom of the seas: it is precisely the fish netswhich every year are abandoned in enormous quantities (we talk about 640,000 tons).

This material remains at the bottom of the oceans for centuries, trapping (and leading to death) countless inhabitants of the sea, damaging coral reefs and natural habitats, and ending up in our food and water sources.

Samsung is keen to highlight how these fishing nets are literally upsetting the delicate balance of our environment at an alarming rate and that is why it has decided to collect and reuse them to keep the oceans a little cleaner.

Once again the Korean giant proves to be sensitive to the issues of environmental respect and sustainability and initiatives like this deserve to be praised.

Appointment on Wednesday for the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

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