Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra proposed at 360 Euros? Yes but possible pricing error

It is not uncommon to see coupons offered by Samsung at the launch of its new smartphones but the promotion we are about to talk about is unlikely. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is in fact offered in installments by WindTre for the modest sum of 14.99 Euros for 24 monthsfor a overall total of only about 360 Euros. Where is the catch?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at an incredible price from WindTre

No catch, at least apparently, more likely a pricing error. In fact, by going to the WindTre website to the page dedicated to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it is possible to order the new top of the range of the Korean house by selecting various options and promotions. By selecting precisely:

  • the 256 GB version;
  • payment in installments;
  • the “Choose 24 months” offer;
  • and then the promotion: “Smart Pack Protect 5G Galaxy S22 Edition THEFT PROTECTION INCLUDED”.

You can pre-order the smartphone with an incredibly advantageous commitment: 14.99 Euros per month for a total of 24 months which is equivalent to 359.76 Euros in total at the end. No contribution is foreseen for the device and this is where the system error might be hiding. The offer could be confirmed or, more likely, canceled by the operator but, as they say, it costs nothing to try. It will also not allow you to conclude a real purchase but more precisely to be contacted by the nearest WindTre store.

You just have to open the WindTre page and try it yourself.

We remind you that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the current flagship smartphone of the house, with new generation Exynos 2200 processor, 12 GB of RAM memory, 256 GB of internal memory (or 128 GB depending on the model), large Dynamic Amoled 2X display. 6.8 ”, integrated S-Pen, Android 12 operating system and Samsung One UI 4.1 interface, with guaranteed updates for 4 Android upgrades and 5 years of security patches.

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