Samsung Galaxy Note 9 updates again

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the companies most attentive to the issue of updates among those that revolve around the Google mobile operating system and also for its older devices the Korean manufacturer has an eye from time to time and yet another confirmation comes with reference to Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This is a smartphone that last year passed from the group of devices destined to receive updates on a monthly basis to those for which updates are released every three months but it seems that, despite this, the Korean giant has continued to update it with a almost monthly.

For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes the security update of March 2022

And so in recent days for the Verizon version of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the monthly update with the March 2022 security patchas confirmed by the related support page (where it is identified as “System Update 37”).

The update in question brings the software of the smartphone of the Korean giant to the version QP1A.190711.020.N960USQS9FVC5 and arrives a couple of months after the update that introduced the monthly security patches of February 2022 (the device also received the patches of January 2022).

As for the news of this update, in addition to the security patches of March 2022, this update should not introduce other new features, limiting itself to probably implementing the resolution for some of the bugs encountered by users with previous software releases and improving the overall experience of using the device.

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most popular smartphones of the Korean giant and the company’s development team is to be recognized for having continued to support it even several years after its launch on the market.

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