Samsung Galaxy A51 is demoted to half-yearly updates

This morning Samsung updated the support page dedicated to the software update program for its smartphones and like a bolt from the blue Galaxy A51 slipped into the list of devices that only receive two security updates per year.

It is common for Samsung devices to end up on this list for the last year of their support period, however it is surprising that a best seller like the Samsung Galaxy A51 is treated as one of many.

Samsung Galaxy A51 switches to semi-annual updates

Usually a security update every six months is enough to keep the device software secure enough, but such a policy seems premature for such a popular smartphone that appeared on the market only two years ago, all the more so considering that the Samsung Galaxy A50 still receives the updates. every month.

Similar treatment was given to the Samsung Galaxy A70 last year, but it is not a best seller like the Galaxy A51, and these two devices are far from the end of their support period, as they will receive four years of Samsung updates.

Galaxy A51 is also one of the smartphones for which Samsung was the first company to promise an additional third major Android update and so far the device has received only the first, the one related to Android 11.

Let’s hope at least that Samsung Galaxy A52, another best buy in the mid-range, does not touch the same fate.

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