Reviews on Glary Utilities Free and Pro [Avantages et Inconvénients]

My glary utilities test and review started when my license for a Shareware Cleaner & Optimizer stopped working on my Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM, I started looking for good freeware – especially when my emails to their support didn’t spark no answer. I decided that I wanted safe and good freeware that would offer me good cleaning options, including a 1-click clean button. I checked out several free Windows optimization software, and finally installed myself with Glary Utilities.

UPDATE: Version 5 receives a new user interface and few new features, but otherwise the core modules remain the same.

Glary Utilities Reviews

Glary Utilities Reviews
Glary Utilities Reviews

The first thing you notice about Glary Utilities is its compact and user-friendly interface. The interface is intuitive and very easy to use. It offers various modules that promise to keep your Windows PC in top working condition.

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The Cleaning and Repair module offers the following tools:

Disc cleaning

Disc cleaning

To remove data and junk files from your disks and thus help you recover disk space. It worked quite well on my computer.

It also identifies empty zero byte files. Should you delete these empty 0 byte zero length files in Windows? Zero-length files can be used by some installations of MS – uninstallation process, mail programs, etc.

If you delete everything blindly, Windows or the installed programs may not work correctly. So unless you know which zero-length file to delete, better NOT to delete them, as they don’t take up disk space as such!

Repair, scan and clean your registry

clean your registry

Are Registry Cleaners Safe? It is a subject for endless debate. I use it once a month, and among the freeware I have found CCleaner and now Glary Utilities to be quite safe. I’m sure there are plenty of other good freeware and shareware registry cleaners out there that are safe, but these are the two freeware that I have used on my computer without any issues.

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Shortcuts Repair

Identify and remove broken shortcuts in your Start & Desktop menu.


Will help you completely uninstall programs you no longer need. The Optimize and improve module includes the following tools:

Glary uninstaller

Boot Manager

Help you manage startup programs that automatically run on startup. You can also choose to delay certain starts and even decide and adjust the delay. Few free software offers this option.

Memory optimizer

It allows you to monitor and optimize the free memory in the background. You can turn off the automatic memory management feature, because Windows Vista memory management by the OS itself is now quite good.

Context menu manager
Context menu manager

It is another useful tool which allows you to manage context menu entries for files and folders. It also allows you to edit the entries in the Create New and Send To menus.

It’s good to keep your context menu clean!

Windows Defender or Avast
Windows Defender or Avast

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Defragmentation of the registry

Allows you to defragment the Windows registry. Personally, I rarely prefer to use a registry defragmentation tool; maybe once every 3 months or so.

The Privacy and Improvement module includes the following tools:

Trace Eraser to erase all traces and evidence in Windows, Internet Explorer, Plug-ins, other alternative browsers and more. It automatically detects installed apps and gives you removal options for those apps only.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you will fall in love with this tool!

private life
private life

File shredder: allows you to erase files permanently so that no one can recover them.

File recovery : allows you to recover accidentally deleted files.

File Encryptor and Decryptor : will help you protect your files from unauthorized access, by encrypting them.

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The Files and Folders module contains some fairly useful advanced tools:

The Disk Scan Tool will analyze how your disk space has been used. It shows you the disk space usage of your files and folders, so you can know which programs are taking up your disk space.

glary files

Finding duplicate files: Check for duplicate files that waste space and produce errors.

Search empty folders : Will help you find and delete empty folders in your windows. Should you delete empty folders? Well, in general it’s safe to delete empty folders, although you wouldn’t really save space since they take up 0 bytes. However, if it is just good housekeeping.

Divider file: Helps you to split large files into smaller, manageable files and then join them.

And finally, the “System Tools” module for system jobs:

Process manager : Monitors the programs running on your PC and stops spyware and Trojans.

Navigator Assistant: Manage Internet Explorer & Chrome add-ons and restore pirated settings.

Edit: I must add that after installing it you can go to open Internet Explorer Assistant and click on the tab “Hijack Restore”, and change the parameter ‘Restore options‘ , clicking on ‘Switch‘in a URL of your choice or Microsoft Defaults.

System Information: Collects information about your computer and presents it to you in a neat form. It also allows you to create a report and export the data.

Windows Standard Tools provides direct access to useful Windows default functions, much like our Windows Access Panel.

1-Click maintenance

1 click glary
1 click glary

The best part about this Freeware that I love is that it allows you to set all of these options and use 1-click maintenance to clean your PC.

After downloading and installing it, go through the entire user interface and make the settings according to your needs. Once you’ve finalized your settings, all you need to do on subsequent runs is to run the one-click maintenance tool, and let it do the work for you. You will find that the job is done quite quickly.

While the program offers backup options before cleanup operations, and restore options and any time point, we would have liked to see a button to create a one-click system restore point on the main interface.

As we’ve always said, it’s always a good idea to create a system restore point before making any changes to your system; So be sure to create one before trying this free software as well.

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Glary Utilities Reviews: The Summary

Strong points

Effectively cleans and repairs systems

Simple and attractive interface

Easy to use

Weak points

Lack of security features

Some tools lack speed

Pro version:

A feature of Glary Utilities Pro 5

A solution for every PC optimization.

Immediately fixes PC crashes, frustrating errors and speed.

Automated function with one click function.

Allows your computer to run quickly and safely.

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Glary Utilities Pro 5 Review: The Benefits

Benefits of Glary Utilities Pro 5
Benefits of Glary Utilities Pro 5
  • Automatic maintenance: All in one PC maintenance service with automatic cleaning, recording and system protection function.
  • Quick scan: Solve your PC problems in depth with an 8x faster scanner.
  • Compatible with all operating systems: Glary Utilities Pro 5 is compatible with all types of operating software such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Professional and many more. Don’t worry about owning an old PC or a new Mac Book, Pro 5 is suitable and compatible for everyone.
  • Premium Tools: Over 20 premium tools to take care of your PC and improve your PC’s performance.
  • It is guaranteed: Offer 100% money back within 90 days if not satisfied.

Disadvantages of Pro 5

  • License limitation: The subscription only grants you three licenses, which might not be enough for users with more than three PCs, which is a bit of a nuisance.
  • Under the software description: The in-depth description of the software is not present, so beginners will have to face a slight problem when they wait for more information.

Downloading Glary Utilities

As a home user, you might find that Glary Utilities is perfect for your needs and you really don’t need its Pro version. The Pro version offers fully automatic maintenance and free support and is shareware.

You no longer need to download and install separate tools to clean up junk files, find empty folders, recover deleted files, etc. Glary Utilities Free to them all! We recommend that you download the slim version without toolbar of Glary Utilities.

This is probably the best and most feature rich freeware optimization for Windows, in my opinion.

If you have had any experiences using this program – good or bad – please share them below in the comments.

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