[Résolu] Resolve “Apex Won’t Launch: 8 Solutions

Apex won’t launch on your PC? Do not worry. Thanks to a few corrections simple, you can again Starting the game on your PC.

The problem with launching the game seems to be very common for Apex Legends users. This can happen because of several errors on your computer. But the important thing is that these errors can be easily corrected.

Apex Legends won't launch
Apex Legends won’t launch

In this guide, you will find some solutions that you can use to relaunch Apex Legends on your system.

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Apex Won’t Launch: 8 Solutions

Solution 1. Check your anti-virus software and disable it

Sometimes some anti-virus programs block execution of some programs. Interruption of antivirus software is the most common problem that prevents Apex Legend from running.

Before trying other solutions, it is best to disable your anti-virus program for a while to see if the game works well.

do not forget to deactivate the whole program. Not only real-time protection, but also the whole program.

Temporarily disable Avast
Temporarily disable Avast

Yes the game works well, try activate protection to see the effects. If the game does not restart, the problem is with your anti virus software. try install other anti-virus software to see the impact.

Note: Do no risky job when your antivirus is disabled.

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Solution 2. Allow connections through Windows firewall

Occasionally, your firewall settings can block the launch of the game. In this case, you must disable your firewall for a while to see what will happen.

Instead of disable the entire firewall, you canadd to firewall and allow connection through Windows firewall. To do this

  • Go to the control panel and open Windows firewall (where the windows defender firewall).
  • You can also access the windows firewall while typing ” firewall In the search box and opening it from there.
  • After opening the firewall, click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall on the left side.
Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall
Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall
  • Click on Modify the parameters. You can now change your firewall settings.
  • In the list authorized applications and functions, scroll down and see if Apex Legend is there.
authorized applications and features
Authorized applications and features
  • If you can see it, make sure that the program is authorized by the domain, private and public by checking the boxes.
  • If the app is not there, you need to add it to firewall by selecting the option Authorize another application down.
  • Click on Browse and select it and open it.
  • Then click on Add.
  • See the image above.
  • Now authorize the application by domain, private and public, then click OK.
domain, private and public application of the firewall
Domain, private and public application of the firewall
  • Launch the game and see if it works well now. If the game is still not working, there are some other solutions you need to try.

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Apex not launching? Run as as administrator

You will need administrator rights for’execute on your computer and the game may not have the necessary authorizations. Done right click on the icon and click on Execute as administrator.

Run the program as administrator
Run the program as administrator

If it works, then you need to do a few changes to make Apex Legends always work with administrator rights.

To do this, click again with right mouse button and this time select Properties. You can also use the shortcut Alt + Enter when the icon is selected.

Under the tab Compatibility, Check the box Run this program as administrator, then click To apply and OK.

Run Apex Legends as administrator
Run it as administrator

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Solution 4. Repair / update

EA understands that sometimes files are corrupted and that there can be many reasons behind it. That is why EA has provided an option of repairing Apex Legends if the launch does not go as planned.

  • For the to fix, open Origin and go to My Game Library.
  • Done right click on the game icon and click on To fix the game.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • On the same screen there is also an option to update the game.
  • The developers often publish fixes and updates that address the most common problems.
  • In our case, check if there is an update.
Repair / Update Apex Legends
Repair / update

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Solution 5. Change the language

I know, it is a weird fix, corn it worked for some users. Maybe it will work for you too.

A user accidentally discovered that changing the language of the game from French to Polish and vice versa launched Apex Legends for him. It can’t hurt to try.

  • To do this, launch Origin, click with right mouse button on the icon and select Game properties.
  • Click on Advanced boot options.
  • This is where you change the game language from French to Polish.
  • do not forget to to safeguard.
  • Relaunch– it and close the game.
  • Next, change the language back to French in order to see if it works.
Change the language of Apex Legends
Change the language

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Solution 6. Try to repair your game

If your game has corrupted files, this option will repair these files. Occasionally, corrupt files cause of cannot launch on your PC.

To do this

  • Open your Origin Client and go to My game library.
  • Go to Apex and click on it with right mouse button. Then select To fix in the list.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the repair process and finally restart the machine.
  • Run it and see if it works correctly this time.

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Solution 7. Repair your game with Easy Anti Cheat

  • Go to C >> Program Files x86 >> Origin Games >> Apex >>> EasyAntiCheat folder and open Easy Anti Cheat Setup.
  • Click on Repair Service and wait a moment that the repair process ends.
  • Then click on To end.
  • Open the game to see if it works now.

Solution 8. Update your graphics card driver

Occasionally, updating your graphics card driver solves the problem.

For update your graphics card drivers

  • Open The device manager first of all.
  • Then go to Display adapters.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the graphics card and select Update the driver.
  • Then click on Automatically check for updated driver software and wait the end of the driver update process.
  • You can also Download the corresponding graphics card driver software from the official website of the graphics card manufacturer.
  • Now try to run the game to see if it works.
Update the graphics card driver
Update the graphics card driver

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