[RÉSOLU] Error “LiveKernelEvent 141”: 4 Effective Solutions

If you have recently encountered the ‘livekernelevent 141’ error on your Windows 10 system. In this article, we will examine the reasons why this malfunction may occur and attempt to correct it using dedicated troubleshooting solutions.

livekernelevent error 141
livekernelevent 141

Method 1. Disconnect external devices

Since there may be a conflict between some system drivers, you should start the process of repair in disconnecting peripherals. Do it and check if the problem persists.

Then you can reconnect your external devices, but when you do, also reinstall all associated pilots from scratch – if necessary, first go to the Device Manager then the uninstall (press keyboard Win + X, click on Device Manager and select the pilots who must be uninstalled).

Device Manager
Device Manager

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Method 2. Install pending updates

If your system is not updated with the latest updates available, you may receive the‘livekernelevent 141’ error. So check and apply updates that might be waiting for your approval in the background. You can accomplish this task by performing the following steps:

  • Press keyboard shortcuts Win + I.
  • In System settings, click on Update and security.
  • In the window that will open, under Windows Update, you should search for all possible starts.
  • Note: if an update is already available, it will be displayed automatically.
  • So accept le update process and wait for the new firmware to be displayed.
  • In the end, restart your device.
install update
install update

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Method 3. Start a clean boot

With a clean start, you can run the system with a minimum functionality. So if a third party application was causing the‘livekernelevent 141’ error you can eliminate the Conflicts software that occurs when
you are installing a program or an update or when you are using a process that is not compatible with operating system 10.
Here is how you can initiate clean boot:

  • Press the buttons on Win + R and in the field EXECUTE which will be open, enter msconfig.
  • In System configuration, select the tab General.
  • Find the entry Selective start and uncheck the option ‘Load startup item‘.
selective start
Selective start
  • Then go to the tab Services.
  • Click on the checkbox » Hide all Microsoft services «, Then click on Disable all.
hide disable microsoft service
hide disable microsoft service
  • Then go to the tab Start-up and click on the tab » open task manager
  • In Task Manager, disable all startup programs.
  • Save your changes and close those windows.
  • Restart your system.
disable elements manager tasks
disable elements manager tasks

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Method 4. Uninstall the video graphics driver and reinstall it manually

If, after applying the previous steps, and you continue to live the experience ofError “livekernelevent 141” you have to reinstall the graphics card driver.
But first you have to uninstall existing ones and here’s how you do it:

  • Press the keyboard keys Win + X.
  • In the list that opens, select Device Manager.
  • Under Device Manager, find your graphics drivers.
  • Right click on each one and select ” Uninstall“.
uninstall display driver
  • You can also delete associated files from Programs and Features : click on the search field (click on the Cortana ) and enter the applications and features and click on the result with the icon of the same name.
  • After having removed all installed drivers, you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer and download like nvidia, intel , amd …
  • You must then install them manually by running the associated executable file and following the on-screen prompts.

So here are the troubleshooting solutions that can be applied to fix thelivekernelevent error 141 Windows 10.
If you have managed to solve this problem using a different method, share your experience with us – we will then update this tutorial accordingly, empowering you to provide the additional solutions. You can contact us easily using the comments section. from below.

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