[Résolu] 6 Solutions to Fix Error 0x800704c7

It is also important for Windows users to keep Windows up to date to run smoothly and securely all the time. But while installing Windows update, you may receive error 0x800704c7 which gives you the possibility to cancel the process or to close the Windows.

error 0x800704c7
feature update to windows 10, version 1709 – error 0x800704c7

This can be a critical situation for Windows users as it can stop the process and slow system performance, provoke the‘blue screen … Most often, when you run Windows Setup or Upgrade, this problem will appear on the screen.

What causes error 0x800704c7 on Windows 10?

As we mentioned, it has the potential to appear while you are busy with your daily tasks, therefore, it is usually caused by:
Missing or corrupted system files: Missing or corrupted system files means that your system will not be able to function normally and you will be faced with many issues including this one.
Background process: Another thing that can cause it is background processes. If your background apps like a anti-virus, interfere with your system, this may be the cause.

Having said that, it is time to find solutions.

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Solution 1: Disable your antivirus

Third-party antivirus are important, but they also have some drawbacks. Most importantly, they interfere with your system as they are able to stop or prevent applications. Due to this interference, theerror 0x800704c7 may appear to you.

deactivate Avast
deactivate Avast

Therefore, before going any further, make sure you have disabled your third-party antivirus. Also perform a restart and try to run the update after your antivirus has been disabled.

Solution 2: Wait until the problem is resolved

If you are one of the victims of stuck updating after reaching certain percentage issue, this solution can help you. Sometimes the update can be delayed on server side or potentially any other reason it takes a while.

Therefore, if your update is stuck, be sure to give it a few hours. If the update wizard still does not work, you can move on to the solutions mentioned below.

installing update

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Solution 3: Repair Windows File Corruption

Corruption of Windows system files could be one of the reasons why you are experiencing the error 0x800704c7. Such scenarios are not that generic, but they do happen. In such a case, you will need to repair your windows system files using two command line utilities called SFC and SAY M.

the sfc command

the’System File Checker (SFC) utility is a tool that allows you to analyze your system and repair any corrupt or faulty file found. However, it sometimes happens that SFC is not able to detect them, in this case (SAY M) can be helpful. It will do a deep scan of your system and fix corrupted files.


Solution 4: Download the latest KB

You can also try to download the latest KB that you tried to install on your computer. of Microsoft Update Catalog. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press on Windows + I to open Settings.
  • Go to ‘Update and security‘ then Settings then Update and security
  • In the central pane you find ‘View update history‘. Click on Settings – then Windows Update
  • You will find the KB the most recent which is usually at the top of the screen. Copy the KB code.
  • Go to the Microsoft Update website and search the Microsoft Windows catalog. Search results
  • Download it.
  • Once the download is complete, open it and install it.

Windows Update

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Solution five: Perform a system restore

System restore is a solution that you can use if you are facing an error that appears after some software installation or any other change. That will restore your system to a point where it did not happen. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the menu To start up and open it Control panel.
  • Type restore in the search field
  • Open System Restore
  • Then select a system restore point when error 0x800704c7 did not occur. Click on Following and then press To end.

catering point

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Solution 6: Use media creation tool

Finally, using the media creation tool is your last resort. This is a tool designed by Microsoft to help users upgrade / update their system to the latest version or even update Windows again. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download the tool from website Microsoft.
  • Once the download is complete, open it.
  • Accept the terms, then select ‘Upgrade this PC now‘. Media Creation Tool
  • Select » Keep personal files To make sure your files are safe.
  • Let him finish.

media creation tool

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