Repair Error 0xc000000f: [6 Méthodes] Efficient

The code error 0xc000000f (blue screens) is rare. This means that your computer is not secured. You must realize that your computer is threatened by various issues.

error 0xc000000f
error 0xc000000f


The operating system may not read configuration data at startup for various reasons, such as;

  • Corrupted boot sector due to power outages, infection with virus / malware
  • Damaged hard drive due to power outages.
  • Corrupt files due to improper shutdown and / or power failure.
  • Damaged material

There is no one solution to fix the error 0xc000000f. Which solution works for you depends on the specific cause of the error on your computer.

You should try the following solutions. The solution that works for you should inform you of the specific cause of the error.
Although the following solutions apply to Windows 10 operating system, you can try to fix the error on any operating system by following a few steps.


  • Remove all connected devices to your computer except keyboard and mouse.
  • Remove everything CD, USB and DVD of their output ports.
  • Restart your computer to see if it starts up normally.
  • You will need to identify the damaged hardware just in case your computer starts up fine without the 0xc000000f error.
disconnect peripherals
disconnect peripherals


This is a utility available on Windows. This solution requires theusing the Windows DVD or from USB key. The tool will try to to fix and of to correct startup files. ” boot configuration data “(BCD Boot Configuration Data), this is the data that controls the launch of the operating system.
To launch the tool follow the steps:

  • Insert the DVD or the key Usb installation in the appropriate drive.
  • Restart the computer. Press any key when prompted.
  • Select date, time, language, and keyboard type before pressing FOLLOWING.
  • Select the operating system to to fix.
  • Click on ” Command Prompt “In the options of” system Restauration“.
system restore installation
system restore installation

Type ” bootrec.exe In the prompt before pressing ENTER.
The utility will automatically start to run. He will try to to fix the BCD before restarting the computer automatically. Your computer should start up without error 0xc000000f appearing on the screen. Alternately,

  • Restart your computer.
  • Insert the DVD or the key Usb installation.
  • Restart the computer and press ” R“.
  • Click on ” Repair“.
  • Click on ” Command Prompt“.
  • Type ” bootrec / FixMbr »And press ENTER.
  • Type ” bootrec / FixBoot »And press ENTER.
  • Then type ” bootrec / ScanOs »And press ENTER.
  • Type ” bootrec / RebuildBcd »And press ENTER.
bcd boot

The utility will start to rebuild the BCD automatically and should fix the error 0xc000000f.

Correcting this error that occurs when you start your computer can be a serious challenge. This is simply because of the limited solutions available to you. However, a solution of these three above should resolve the error quickly.

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Solution 3: Use Startup Repair Tool to Repair BOOTMGR

Under Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, system restart can be used to scan the system and search for damaged system files Where missing in order to replace the BCD file if it is corrupted or missing.

System restart is a diagnostic and repair tool automated system that is available on the Windows configuration and can be used to detect and repair some common problems.

You will find more information on the operation of system restart and what it does in our database. The following steps launch the System Restart tool from the setup disk:

  • Insert your DVD installation in the CD-ROM drive of your PC,
  • Put your PC off and make sure it is completely turned off,
  • Turn on your PC,
  • Press any key when you see ” Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…
  • Click on the link ” system restart tool ‘
  • In the lower left corner, after selecting the language and keyboard options.
  • Wait that system restart tool scan your PC for Windows installations, then select your installation from the list that appears:
  • Choose ” system restart tool From the list of available recovery options to get started:
  • system restart tool will begin to scan your installation and check for problems and attempt a repair, if possible.
  • Here is an example of what system restart tool should do once the BCD file is successfully restored:
system restart
system restart

Solution 4: Rebuild the BCD manually

Since the boot error is often caused by a missing BCD, rebuilding it is often a good solution.
Here are the steps to rebuild the BCD:

  • Start from a Windows installation disc
  • Click on Repair your computer after selecting the correct language, time and keyboard type.
  • Select the Windows installation drive, which is usually VS:, and click on Following
  • Choose Command Prompt, when the window System restore options appears.
  • Write the following command and then press Entrance :
  • bootrec / rebuildbcd
  • If the program finds a Windows installation, and asks if he should add it to the startup list, press Y
  • Here is an example screenshot of what the PC console should look like after Bootrec finished rebuilding the BCD.
bootrec / rebuildbcd
bootrec / rebuildbcd

Solution 5: Check your data cables, BIOS, and drivers

Disconnect all cables from the hard drive, then reconnect them. Come back to pilots and Settings of BIOS if they have been modified, or use the option ” Restore Default Settings In BIOS.

Be sure to rate all the settings current from BIOS that were previously selected, just in case there is a need to go back. If the error is caused by a modification of the address of the SATA disk controller in BIOS or firmware mode, the solution can be as simple as entering BIOS and changing it. the “mode” setting of the SATA controller. Instructions differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the options will look like what is shown in the screenshots below.

To check the boot order, do the following:

  • Restart the computer
  • Press the necessary key to open the menu of the BIOS. This key depends on the option of computer manufacturer and computer model. This is usually indicated on the first one that appears on the screen. It can be one of these keys: Esc, Del, F2, F8, F10 or F12.
  • If the display shows more than one button, find the button to open ” BIOS“,” setup ” Where ” BIOS menu
  • Try switching between all three (or more) modes until you find the combination that successfully reboots Windows once again.
check start order
check start order

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Solution 6: Check your hard drive with CHKDSK utility

If the files and data on your hard drive are damagedit is possible to use the built-in Windows utility CHKDSK for scan the disk and to correct system file errors.

Here are the steps to run CHKDSK:

  • Start from your installation disc
  • Click on To fix your computer after selecting the appropriate language, time and keyboard type .
  • Select the installation drive, which is usually VS:, and click on Following
  • Choose Command Prompt, when the window Advanced options appears.
  • prompt command
    prompt command
  • Write the following command and then press Entrance :

chkdsk C: / f

  • Replace VS : by the letter of the drive where Windows is installed.

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