Repair Error 0x8024001e: 4 Effective Solutions

It’s clear that from the Store you can download all the apps and other stuff you need. This is especially possible if you are using the latest operating systems, like Windows 10.

However, sometimes accessing the Store can be difficult due to issues like code error 0x8024001e displayed on your computer screen. It doesn’t just happen with old versions, also with newer versions.

Causes of error code 0x8024001e

error 0x8024001e
  1. Files Dll missing or corrupted.
  2. Register missing or corrupted.
  3. Infection by Virus / Malware.
  4. Updates incomplete or unresolved.
  5. Additional data on hidden.

These reasons are most common for Windows Store or while updating, but it is not limited to these reasons, it can be caused by other reasons as well.

Method 1: A Simple Basic Troubleshooting

It can happen because of a little problem that you can ignore. It is therefore important to make sure that your internet connection is reliable.

You should also check if your regional settings, date and time, are correct. do not forget to to restart your computer to see if performing this operation solved the problem.

Method 2 – Clean Windows Store Cache

Clean the Windows Store cache
Clean Store Cache

It is very easy to do a cache cleaning which also helps to fix the problem

1. Press the key Win + R to open the box to execute

2. type ” WSReset.exe And press Enter.

3. Prompt to order opens and instantly the Store opens.

4. Then restart your PC to see if the problem is resolved.

Method – Restart the Microsoft Update service

Microsoft Update service
Microsoft Update service

0x8024001e can also occur due to Microsoft Update. Restarting this service resolves the problem.

  • Click on ” To start up“.
  • Type ” Execute In the search box before pressing Enter or pressing the keys Win + R .
  • Type ” services.msc Then Enter.
  • Press the right mouse button on ” Windows Update “Before clicking” To start up “.
  • Restart your PC and check if the code 0x8024001e is gone.

Method 3: Repair the registry

modify the registry

This method works to resolve the error in a corrupted registry case. Running the repair tool will automatically detect and repair any corrupted entries.

The process may take a while, so it’s best to let it complete. The following procedure applies to the OS Win 8, but it should give you a general idea of ​​how to apply it on any other versions.

  • Click on ” To start up“.
  • Type ” Advanced “.
  • Advanced boot options »To open the general settings window.
  • Restart now At the bottom to restart your computer in advanced startup mode.
  • Push the button ” Repair “Before clicking on the” Advanced options“.
  • Automatic repair To automatically restart your computer.
  • Click on the account administrator to use it after restarting your computer.
  • The tool of automatic repair built-in should start working, which should fix this Windows Store issue.

Method 4: Rename the software distribution folder

software distribution folder

Since Update Service is functioning properly, it is important to rename the software distribution folder to determine the problem.

  • Step 1: Click on ” To start up“.
  • Step 2: Type ” Execute In the search box before pressing Enter.
  • Step 3: Type ” services.msc »Then press Entrance.
  • Step 4: Right-click on ” Windows Update “And then on” Stop “.
  • Step 5: Rename the software distribution folder by exploring to

C: Windows and right click on the ” Software Distribution »>>> then on« Rename »>>> type« SoftwareDistribution.old Before clicking on Enter.

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