Realme was the emerging European brand of 2021

According to what emerges from a new report by Strategy Analyticsthe emerging brand of the moment as regards the European market is a company probably unexpected for many: we are talking about Realme.

As explained by the analyst Abhilash KumarRealme shipments to Europe grew in 2021 by 548% on an annual basis and by 500% in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of 2020.

The reasons for the great success of Realme smartphones in Europe

The growth of Realme has affected the whole of the Old Continent, albeit to a different extent: in the area Central and Eastern Europe the increase was of 643% on an annual basis while in the area Western Europe growth in 2021 on an annual basis was of 416%.

Also Linda SuiSenior Director of Strategy Analytics, he highlighted the great results recorded by Realme, specifying how the company in Western Europe managed to enter the ranking of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the fourth quarter of 2021 (exactly one year earlier it occupied the thirteenth position) and even fourth place in the Central and Eastern Europe area (in the same period of 2020 it was in thirteenth position).

To say of Yiwen Wusenior analyst at Strategy Analytics, among the main reasons for Realme’s enormous success in Europe are the right marketing strategies, a diversified product portfolio capable of satisfying different needs and smartphones capable of boasting a relationship between quality and highly competitive price.

Basically, Realme should no longer be considered as a secondary brand but as a real brand capable of competing on equal terms with the giants of the telephony world and Xiaomi, which does not hide its ambition to conquer the first place in the ranking against Samsung and Apple will also have to watch their backs (although at the moment the distances in terms of market share between the two companies are abysmal).

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