Realme confirms the global release of GT2 Pro and beyond

Realme expanded into multiple markets in 2021 by launching its first tablets and notebook, in addition to the flagship killer Realme GT.

In an interview today, Realme vice president and head of international affairs Madhav Sheth anticipates what we can expect from the company for 2022.

Will Realme GT2 leave China?

The company unveiled the Realme GT2 series in China earlier this week, but with no references to a larger launch. Today, the company spokesman confirmed that a global release is indeed planned, including Europe and India, but without providing a timeline.

Will Realme release more tablets and notebooks in 2022?

Realme Pad e Realme Book were the company’s first devices in their respective categories. Sheth believes that the company will launch new tablets and notebooks in 2022, in order to expand the offer across more price ranges, as these are product categories that Realme considers essential for the main markets.

Earlier this week the Realme rep announced that the next-generation Realme Book will use the new 12th-generation Intel Core processors, but did not specify whether these will be new models or just updates.

Realme Software Updates Policy

The company spokesperson hints that Realme will continue to offer two years of operating system updates and three years of security patch updates for its devices, stating that the average lifecycle of today’s smartphones ranges from 24 to 26 months. . However, the competition has already started offering three years of OS updates.

Realme plans the United States

The US market is difficult for Chinese smartphone brands to conquer, as only Motorola, OnePlus and to a lesser extent TCL have made their way in recent years.

Sheth states that Realme will not bring smartphones to the US, but confirmed that it is planning to introduce IT and AIoT products to this market in 2022. The company representative did not mention specific products, but we assume that potential candidates will be more or minus the same ones that Xiaomi offers.

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