Realme Band 2 with larger display, spO2 and greater official autonomy

More than a year after the launch of his first wearable deviceRealme has announced the second generation of its fitness band, the Realme Band 2. At the moment it is official only in some countries, not yet in Italy. Realme Band 2 comes with a vertically elongated rectangular color OLED display and can detect heart rate in real time, estimate blood oxygen levels (spO2), offer smart notifications from the connected smartphone, dials are customizable, it measures sleep quality, is water resistant to 50 meters, has interchangeable straps, and can track about 90 activities.

The Realme Band 2 is equipped with a 3.5cm (1.4 inch) diagonal display with brightness up to 500nits and a resolution of 167×320 pixels, thus making it larger than the one found in the predecessor model (0.96 inches). The dial can be customized by choosing from over 50 watch faces available via the Realme Link app for smartphones. The straps of the Realme Band 2 are interchangeable with others from 18mm.

Powered by a GH3011 sensorRealme Band 2 offers the continuous heart rate monitoring, being able to signal any fluctuations out of the ordinary. The novelty of this model, not present in the first generation, is the estimation of oxygen levels in the blood (spO2), a fact that we have learned to be important in times of the Covid19 pandemic. Realme Band 2 is also capable of tracking your sleep, thus providing the day after an analysis of how you slept the previous night.

The wearable is capable of analyzing sports activity for yoga, running, spinning, cricket, walking, running, cycling, swimming in the pool, rowing machine, elliptical, bodyweight workouts and generally offers support for over 90 sports modes.

Realme estimates a battery life of up to 12 days with a single full charge of the wearable, against the 9 days of autonomy of the previous generation, but in any case it should be remembered that in reality the autonomy varies according to the use made of it. Charging is magnetic, the wearable hooks magnetically to the supplied base (this connected via USB to the charger).

Realme Band 2 is certified to withstand water up to 50 meters deep.

Colors: Space Gray
Dimension: 259.8×24.6×12.1mm
Weight: 27.3 grams
Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, GH3011 sensor
Wrist strap: Detachable wrist strap, 18mm, adjustable length: 150-220mm
Health monitoring: 24-hour heart rate measurement, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, heart rate alert, blood oxygen measurement, sleep tracking, daytime steps, calories, distance, time reminder water, sedentary reminder, activity record, women’s health monitoring, stress measurement.
Battery: 204mAh, theoretical autonomy up to 12 days
Display: 3.5cm (1.4 “), resolution 167×320 pixel
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, works with Realme Link app
Supported devices: Android 5.1+, iOS 11+
Sport mode: Outdoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Outdoor Biking, Indoor Running, Indoor Walking, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Spinning, Rowing Machine, Elliptical, Yoga, Free Workout, 90+ sports modes.
Other functions: Music Control, Camera Control, Phone Finder, Breath, 12/24 Hour, Stopwatch, Clock, Weather Forecast, Date Display, Watch Face, Cloud Dial, OTA Update, Multilingual Ul interface, Multilingual, Data Storage, Call Notification, Reminder message, alarm reminder, step goal completion reminder, association confirmation reminder, low battery reminder, brightness adjustment, vibration adjustment, wear monitor, wrist lift to wake screen, no disturbance mode, quick settings, IOT (Realme Link) control. [la disponibilità delle funzioni può variare a seconda del telefono collegato]
In the sales package: Realme Band 2, charger, user manual

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