reactions for everyone and a hidden novelty

The usual, and almost daily, appointment with the news introduced (or hidden) in WhatsApp by the development team is back. Today we are going to discover the news contained in WhatsApp Beta for Android, an update released a few hours ago to users enrolled in the Beta Program of the popular messaging app.

This appointment fixed underlines how the development team is hard at work to improve the features offered within the app, a few days after the release for all of the multi-device functionality without a connected smartphone (which we have covered in this article).

WhatsApp Beta the Reactions arrive for everyone

It has been several months since the Reactions had appeared for the first time in WhatsApp Beta (we talked about it in this article). Recently, specifically from WhatsApp Beta, some details had emerged that brought the Reactions closer to release for everyone.

The functionality resumes the one already present in Facebook, and gives users a further possibility to interact with the messages received: in addition to a textual, audio or visual response (photos, gifs, stickers or videos), it will be possible to leave a “reaction “To a message (between” ok “,” heart “,” laugh “,” amazement “,” sadness “and” prayer “), as shown in the video below.

This version of WhatsApp Beta appears to be the one designated to make the reactions for everyone: functionality is in gradual release for users enrolled in the Beta Program of the app and, if not with this update, it will reach all users within the next updates in the beta channel.

WhatsApp Beta you can change the language of the app

Not only the reactions; in WhatsApp Beta is hiding a novelty that will, in the future, be made available to everyone: in the WhatsApp settings, the possibility of change the app language.

Whatsapp for Android has been available in over 60 languages ​​since the application’s launch and, currently, the language application comes set automatically to be the same as the system; the development team is, as mentioned, working on a new setting that will allow the user to manually change the app language and choose a different one from the system language.

The image below shows how the new setting will appear: in English it will be rendered as “App language” (in Italian it could be rendered as “Language” or “Application language”); selecting the new setting, a list will be shown with all the languages ​​supported by the application and from which the user can choose.

The setting to change language, hidden in WhatsApp Beta

For the sake of completeness of information, it should be emphasized that such a function is already available in certain states such as India, where there are several official languages.

This feature is currently under development by the Whatsapp and therefore, is not yet available not even for those who have already downloaded the latest version of the app WhatsApp Beta.

How to download the new beta version of the app

Anyone wishing to download WhatsApp Beta for system-based smartphones Android Google and preview the reactionscan proceed through the Google Play Storeby subscribing to the Beta Program (you can find the page dedicated to the program by following this link).

If the Beta Program is temporarily full, it would still be possible to test the latest versions of WhatsApp Betaproceeding with the manual installation of the related APK files, downloadable from the portal APK Mirror (whose dedicated page can be reached by following this link).

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