Radarbot warns the driver of the presence of speed cameras allowing them to say goodbye to fines

Radarbot is an application that recognizes speed detectors by promptly alerting the driver of their presence and provides the user with an advanced speedometer and traffic alerts in real time.

The app warns the driver of the presence of fixed speed detectors, possible mobile speed detectors indicated by other users, detectors in tunnels, tutor stations, traffic lights controlled by cameras and dangerous points.

Radarbot integrates with all GPS navigators and map apps to provide both speed detector warnings and navigation directions (even in the background), provides four display modes and allows you to view the distance from the detector in real time nearest with information on its location, direction and speed limit.

The app is able to recognize the direction of travel and automatically exclude the detectors of the opposite or external carriageway, it provides voice warnings and acoustic signals in the vicinity of the speed detectors and in case of exceeding the speed limit and allows you to activate vibration mode for motorcyclists.

Distances and parameters are configurable and it is possible to receive or share voice alerts in real time with the community to be informed about the route you are traveling on, also free daily updates and bluetooth connection are available.

The speedometer records and graphically displays all speeds along a route (current, maximum and average) and allows you to set a speed limit and set an audible warning that sounds when it is exceeded.

Radarbot is available for Android free of charge supported by advertisements and optional in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access: location, phone, microphone, device ID and call data. Below you will find the badge to locate the application in the Google Play Store.

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