prices for Europe of all variants revealed

The debut of the new ones is expected in about a month Samsung Galaxy S22. Smartphones will arrive on the market in the weeks following the official presentation scheduled for early February. Pending more official details, important confirmations on the prices of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 in Europe. The insider @_snoopytech_ has revealed the possible prices of all the variants of the new family of flagship stores Samsung. Let’s see all the details on these new previews:

Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra: here are the prices

It is no mystery that the Samsung Galaxy S22 family will consist of three different smartphones. Samsung is preparing to bring the Galaxy S22, the largest Galaxy S22 + and the actual Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship to the market. All three smartphones will be offered in two versions, with different combinations of RAM and storage. According to insider information, European prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will range from 912 euros to 1554.50 euros (these are indicated prices; the actual list price will probably be rounded upwards with 912 euros which could become 919 euros for example).

Let’s start from Galaxy S22. The most compact of the new flagships of the Korean house will arrive on the European market in two variants, both with 8 GB of RAM. The 128GB model will be offered at 912 euros while the 256GB one will hit the market at 963.50 euros (about 50 euros more to double the storage then). Similar configurations but significantly higher prices for the Galaxy S22 + which will be available in 8/128 GB and 8/256 GB variants.

For the basic cut of the smartphone they will be needed 1.119 EUR while for the 256 GB version it will be necessary to charge 1,170.50 euros. Also in this case, therefore, the doubling of the internal memory involves an extra cost of about 50 euros. If these prices are confirmed, there could be u for both S22 and S22 +n upward retouching of the price list with at least 40-50 euros more compared to S21 and S21 + with the same RAM and storage.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra it will be significantly more expensive than the S22 and S22 +. The Korean flagship will arrive on the market with 12 GB of RAM and with 256 GB or 512 GB of storage. There is no 128 GB variant of internal memory and, for now, there are no confirmations regarding the rumors relating to a 1 TB variant of the new S22 Ultra. It is also possible to create a 16 GB version of RAM that is not mentioned in the leak on the price list.

Let’s move on to prices. The “base” model of the new flagship of the Korean house will be proposed to 1,430 euros while the 512 GB variant will arrive on the market with a price of approx 1,544 euros. With the same RAM and storage, the new S22 Ultra could cost significantly more than its predecessor S21 Ultra. The price increase could be around 100 euros.

For further confirmation on the new leak relating to the Galaxy S22 it will be necessary to wait for the next few weeks. The new top of the range from Samsung, in fact, will debut at the beginning of February 2022 and will arrive on the market in the following weeks. More details, therefore, could arrive as early as January.

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