Pick Roll app basket: the Italian application becomes international

Pick-Roll is theapp that connects enthusiasts of basketball crossing the boundary between the physical world and the digital world. Recently applied, completely Italianhas opened its doors to the international market with new language versions English, French and Spanish language.

Pick-Roll, the Italian app dedicated to basketball goes international

Pick-Roll was born from the need for single enthusiastof the player (professional or not), of the squad or of the sport Society, to have at your fingertips all your interests that revolve around the world of basketball. On the app you can share experiences and knowledge with the community. The users in turn feed the application by reporting the available fields and then making them visible And evaluable on the map.

Through the app, available for free on iOS and Androidyou can find one team to train regularlyknow the playground closer to make two shots, purchase specific accessories and much more.

Dario FerrettiCEO of Pick-Roll, said:

We are happy and enthusiastic about this important moment, the result of years of work, passion and sacrifices. Since the APP was launched on the market in 2019, it was in the head of wanting to connect basketball fans from all over Italy and now having the goal of wanting to do the same all over the world is incredibly stimulating and a dream that is realized. We hope that the community will become bigger and bigger and that the passion for street basketball also grows thanks to Pick-Roll APP, which was created precisely to bring fun to the world courts.

Pick-Roll has also recently released a management software: Pick-Roll Manager. The platform allows sports clubs 360 ° management, simplifying the work of managers and coaches, athletes and staff in every aspect of the work. For more information you can consult the official site.

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