PhysicsMaster Pro allows you to learn physics and solve exercises anywhere

PhysicsMaster Pro is an application designed for high school and university physics students that allows them to acquire the basic notions of the subject and to solve problems thanks to the calculator function.

The calculator allows you to solve the exercises and checks by entering the data (speed, acceleration, etc ..) and the quantity to find (space, time, etc …) and in a moment you will have the solution of the exercise with formulas and results.

The topics present in the application are over 60 including: fundamental, derivative, scalar, vector quantities, systematic and random measures and errors, average and instantaneous velocity and acceleration, rectilinear, circular, harmonic motion, forces, Kepler’s laws, law of universal gravitation, changes in the state of matter, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, energy, electric charge, electromagnetic waves, etc.

The application offers the possibility to learn physics anywhere with theory administered in pills and formulas for each practice page.

PhysicsMaster Pro is available for Android at a price of € 2.39 without in-app purchases or advertising (but there is also the ad-supported free version) and can be found in Play Store from Google using the badge you find below. Android 4.1 or later is sufficient for installation.

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