Philips Hue will get better with this novelty

Who uses Philips Hue Bridge as a solution to connect all your devices smart home of the series Philips Hue he probably already knows that through the official application he can do many things but, at least until now, those who have decided to take advantage of only the Bluetooth connectivity must use another app to control their smart lights (ie Philips Hue Bluetooth).

This situation, however, is expected to change soon, as it appears that Philips has decided to include support for Bluetooth connectivity in the primary application as welli.e. Philips Hue.

Important news coming to the Philips Hue app

In practice, at the moment the manufacturer has two completely separate apps to control and configure its smart devices, depending on the type of connection (Bridge or Bluetooth) and this is confusing for users: no wonder more than so much, therefore, if the team of developers has finally convinced themselves to incorporate the Bluetooth functionality directly into the main app.

According to what is learned from a post published on the official blog, this novelty will be introduced with the update to version 4.11which should be available for both the Android and iOS apps over the next few weeks.

With the new version it will be possible not only to add bulbs to the Smart Home via the bridge but also to establish a direct connection with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

This change will also mean that soon the attention of the Philips team will focus only on an app, which obviously will also simplify future development.

Undoubtedly, users will benefit from this innovation, who will be able to manage all their Philips Hue series devices with a single application.

The two Philips Hue apps for Android can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store with the following badges:

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