Peak’s Edge is a puzzle game with infinite replayability

Peak’s Edge is a puzzle game in which you have to roll multicolored pyramids on the hexagonal game grid with swipes up to the portal that represents the exit from the level.

On the game grid there are pyramids that will hinder you that you can go around or eliminate to get EXP points displayed in the lower left.

You will have armor on each side of the pyramid that will allow you to counter enemy attacks and use skills, with the ability to repair the sides that have suffered damage.

Peak’s Edge is a puzzle game with infinite replayability

The gameplay allows you to discover and use a wide range of armor and to undo the latest moves at any time with 5 second attempts available and the ability to receive more by watching advertisements.

Kenny Sun’s puzzle game is based on procedurally generated puzzles and therefore offers infinite replayability with over 30 types of armor and more than 25 skills.

Peak’s Edge is available for Android free of charge supported by removable advertisements with an optional one-time $ 3.19 in-app purchase and asks for permissions to access your phone, device ID and call data, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to identify the puzzle game nel Play Store from Google. Android 7.0 or later is required for installation.

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