Overboard puts you in the shoes of a lethal dark lady

Overboard is an adventure set in July 1935 in which you play the actress Veronica Villensey committed to not letting it be discovered that she had killed her rich husband by throwing him into the sea from the ship SS Hook on which they were traveling.

The investigation of the ocean liner will last until it arrives and in the eight hours remaining until the landing in New York you will have to try in every way to escape it by proving your innocence by lying, cheating, blackmailing, seducing, etc.

Overboard puts you in the shoes of a lethal femme fatale

Overboard is a next generation visual novel where you can go anywhere and say what you want, yet the other curious and gossipy characters move and act independently and remember everything they see and hear as well as the killer’s actions.

In the adventure, the dark lady will also meet friendly characters ready to collaborate, but she will have to decide who to trust and who to betray.

The narrative will develop based on each player’s choice that will influence the course of events until various endings are reached.

Overboard is available for Android in English for € 6.99 without in-app purchases and is rated PEGI 18. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to identify the adventure nel Play Store from Google.

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