Oral-B at MWC 2022 with the new smart iO10 toothbrushes with iOSense, iO4 and iO5

On the occasion of MWC 2022, Oral-B introduced its new latest generation smart toothbrush “iO10“bundled with the new iOSense device equipped with artificial intelligence, as well as the more affordable alternatives of the Series 4 and 5 iO range with iO technology.

The toothbrush Oral-B iO10 is paired with an intelligent device called iOSense, which in addition to serving as a magnetic charger (recharges the toothbrush in about 3 hours) can offer intelligent and real-time washing guidance through a personalized brushing experience to ensure healthier gums and teeth. In particular, he is able to offer advice for When, Where is it And How brush: there is a timer for an optimal brushing time and an integrated Wi-Fi clock, then there are lights that allow you not to leave areas uncovered. And through the “Oral-B” app, which you can install for free on your smartphone, you can keep track of the goals to be achieved and receive personalized feedback after each brushing session. The app also provides 3D graphics and AI Brushing technology recognizes areas inside the mouth, guiding towards the completion of the brushing area.

For use away from home, the Power2Go Travel Case allows you to recharge your toothbrush when needed.

iO10 is offered in two colors: Cosmic Black and Stardust White. The toothbrush integrates an interactive color display that allows you to easily navigate between the functions it offers: from welcome greetings to language settings through to the selection of cleaning modes, including the one indicated for sensitive teeth, the deep one and whitening . The toothbrush integrates a sensor for applying the right pressure for optimal cleaning: when too much pressure is applied, a red light turns on, while when the optimal cleaning pressure is applied, a green light turns on. And then the icons on the display let you know if your brushing goal is achieved.

iO10 integrates the iO microvibration technology of Oral-B, developed for the removal of plaque and offer a feeling of professional cleaning at home. From a six-month clinical study reported by Oral-B, using iO is 14.5 times more likely to switch from unhealthy to healthy gums than with a regular manual toothbrush.

Coming to the local market are the new toothbrushes series 4 and 5 of the iO range, which of this will be the most convenient. They will be offered in Quite White, Matt Black, Blush Pink and Lavender colors. They are powered by iO artificial intelligence, have an intelligent pressure sensor that works in real time, a round head inspired by that used by dentists with micro-vibrating bristles and smart modes that allow you to customize cleaning. For the moment there is no other information on these two products.

Finally, Oral-B this year at MWC 2022 showed its commitment to empowering the smallest daily habits, such as the use of an electric toothbrush, to create a positive impact on the health of the whole body, the whole family and of the entire planet. Healthy habits for the environment they mean a world where everyone respects our planet and its natural resources; such as: turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, recycle packaging and products, unplug the toothbrush charger when not in use.

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