OPPO revolutionizes fast charging and presents a new 5G router

On the occasion of the opening day of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, OPPO just presented two revolutionary technologies for fast charging, SUPERVOOC 150W And SUPERVOOC 240Win addition to the new mobile router OPPO 5G CPE T2.

With technology SUPERVOOC 150WOPPO points to double the battery life thanks to the use of a Battery Health Engine; with technology SUPERVOOC 240Winstead, it will be possible recharge a 4500mAh battery in just 9 minutes. The router OPPO 5G CPE T2instead, it will turn the 5G connection into a connection Wifi extremely fast.

Below, here are the words of Billy Zhangvice president of overseas sales and services of OPPOon the news just presented by the Chinese house:

“Despite the many challenges we have faced in recent years, the telecommunications industry has seen further positive development, and we at OPPO have seen steady growth. Technologies such as SUPERVOOC 240W flash charge demonstrate our leadership in innovation, while devices such as OPPO 5G CPE T2 highlight new directions our business is taking. Through the new brand proposition ‘Inspiration Ahead’, OPPO wants to leverage innovation and collaboration to overcome today’s challenges together with our partners, providing increasingly human-centric and stimulating technological experiences to users all over the world. “

OPPO revolutionizes fast charging with SUPERVOOC 150W and OPPO SUPERVOOC 240W

OPPO continues to raise the bar regarding technologies for fast charging of smartphones, and it does so by presenting the two revolutionary technologies fast charging OPPO SUPERVOOC 150W with BHE And SUPERVOOC 240W.

Jeff Zhangscientist in charge of charging technologies at OPPOhe commented:

“Technology in smartphone charging is constantly developing and at an ever-increasing rate, and user expectations are responding accordingly. For this reason, since the launch of VOOC flash charging in 2014, OPPO has been working on an all-round charging experience, leading the development of increasingly innovative technologies. We will continue to push the limits, actively addressing emerging problems such as deteriorating battery life and providing users with safe, efficient and smart charging solutions that go beyond speed. “

Let’s find out in detail what these new technologies are capable of OPPO revolutionizes fast charging.


Technology SUPERVOOC 150W integrates technology BHE (Battery Health Engine) and uses direct charging technology with charge pumps, can provide up to 150W of power (20 V and 7.5 A).

With technology SUPERVOOC 150W with BHE it will be possible recharge a 4500mAh battery from 1% to 50% in 5 minutes e up to 100% in just 15 minutes.

The adapter for SUPERVOOC 150W with BHE uses gallium nitride (GaN) to contain the dimensions of the adapter itself in such a way as to be very similar to those of the SUPERVOOC 65W of the previous generation: the new adapter, in fact, measures 58 x 57 x 30 mm and weighs about 172 g.

The Battery Health Engine (BHE)

The highlight of fast charging SUPERVOOC 150W it lies precisely in technology Battery Health Engine (BHE) which will take care to safeguard the life, safety and performance of the battery, being powered by a battery management chip (OPPO proprietary) which includes two key technologies capable of working in unison: Smart Battery Health Algorithm And Battery Healing Technology.

Smart Battery Health Algorithm tracks the electric potential in real time, through the negative electrode inside the smartphone battery, and dynamically adjusts the charge currency within a reasonable range, in order to minimize the “death of lithium” while maintaining the maximum current of charge, safeguarding the long duration of the battery life and guaranteeing a faster recharging speed.

Technology Battery Healinginstead, it optimizes the battery life starting from its internal system: by improving the electrolyte formula, the electrodes are continuously repaired during the charge-discharge cycles of the battery, forming a more stable and durable Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) , which is kept in perfect condition in real time. This system helps reduce wear on the battery’s positive and negative electrodes, thereby improving performance and extending its life.

The new technology BHE it will be integrated into most new smartphones OPPO and OnePlus in the medium-high range, guaranteeing safety, efficiency and battery life to an increasing number of users, while fast charging SUPERVOOC 150W with BHE will be launched on a smartphone OnePlus in the second quarter of 2022.


In addition to the SUPERVOOC 150W with BHE, OPPO goes even further, to meet the growing demand for highly efficient charging solutions in the age of 5G connectivity, and presents the SUPERVOOC 240Wtechnology with which OPPO literally wants to outperform the competition in the field of fast charging.

In detail, it is a new technology capable of recharge a 4500mAh battery to 100% in about 9 minutes: all this is possible thanks to 240 W (up to 24 V and 10 A) deliverable via USB Type-C.

SUPERVOOC 240W complies with the specifications of existing devices and has been tested in terms of heat dissipation, ensuring optimal efficiency and greater safety:

“SUPERVOOC 240W offers a safe and seamless charging experience, pushing the boundaries of charging speed. By taking a holistic approach to adapter, charging cable and device safety, OPPO minimizes potential dangers and security risks, providing an efficient and safe charging solution. “

All this is possible thanks to five five protection measures adopted by the SUPERVOOC 240W: a specially designed intelligent chip, controls voltage, current and temperature during charging; an additional monitoring chip verifies that the smartphone’s battery has not been damaged by external factors during use. The use of 13 temperature sensors in the smartphone improves safety from the point of view of temperatures, reducing anomalies and the possibility of overheating.


There is also the new OPPO 5G CPE T2 router

In addition to the two aforementioned fast charging technologies, OPPO presented the new mobile router of the series OPPO 5G CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), OPPO T2, which comes with a completely renewed design compared to the past and made with recycled materials. The choice of OPPO to continue to focus on the routers of this series, presenting a new one, is linked to the success achieved by the previous generation. In fact, the press release states that:

“OPPO’s previous 5G CPE devices have been positively received by telephony operators around the world, so much so that with the new model the company has already reached agreements in the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe, to allow a broader user base to benefit from the best 5G network services starting from the second half of 2022. “

The new router OPPO T2 offers faster and more stable connectivity than in the past, and is configured as the ideal hub for homes and offices where you want to enjoy the possibilities offered by the 5G network: it allows you to convert 5G connectivity to Wi-Fi or LAN connections, allowing multiple devices to benefit from 5G connectivity at the same time; the router is mainly intended for areas without existing ultra-broadband infrastructure (the so-called white areas).

The router is equipped with a latest generation intelligent antenna, O-Reserve 2.0 and can enjoy numerous tailor-made optimizations thanks to the collaboration with Qualcomm that, with the modem Snapdragon X62 5Gconstitutes the heart ofOPPO T2.

The antenna O-Reverse 2.0 monitors the signals received from 8 antennas in real time, selecting 4 based on parameters such as signal strength and quality: all to optimize downlink speed. The benefits of this new antenna are 10% in terms of download speed.

OPPO T2 it is also equipped with the technology Wi-Fi Channel Selection Of OPPOwhich further improves connectivity by monitoring network channels in real time: this technology will ensure that users can always enjoy the fastest connection possible, making sure they are always connected to the optimal channels.

The innovative and sustainable design of OPPO 5G CPE T2

The new OPPO T2 embodies the “minimalist and artistic design philosophy” of OPPO, which wanted to create a device with a minimal design, which can be integrated, effortlessly, into any home environment: the router appears aesthetically as a white cylinder, crowned by a strip that recalls the Möbius strip call to “represent the limitless possibilities and connectivity brought by CPE technology“.

Internally, the architecture and layout of the components offer performance, in terms of heat dissipation, which far exceeds the industry standards: in addition to the components dedicated to heat dissipation, the new OPPO router exploits the phenomenon of convection through a fan. central ring, to improve heat dissipation, so as to reduce the size of the heatsink. All these choices contribute, in addition to improving heat dissipation, to reduce the size and weight of the device, minimizing the internal space required.

OPPO T2 is made in part with post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) derived from consumer products, the use of which helps reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability initiatives: all this does not prevent the creation of a rough surface that adds texture and elegance to the device, making it even more resistant to dust and stains.

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