OPPO and OnePlus could replace ColorOS and OxygenOS with H₂OOS

Last year OPPO and OnePlus had announced the turning point of the merger of the development teams of the respective ColorOS and OxygenOS, but in the future the union could find new and more complete expression through the new unique interface H₂OOS.

On the occasion of that same announcement, moreover, OPPO had publicly expressed his will to achieve a subsequent overcoming of the separate names ColorOS and OxygenOS and it seems that the moment is quite near: it has already emerged what should be the new unique name.

As you read in the title and opening, the new unified OS should be identified as H₂OOS. The information was spread on Twitter by the tipster Mukul Sharma along with the images you see below. In the tweet in question, the source reveals that OnePlus has recently taken steps to register the name “H₂OOS”, Then also placing the accent on a very curious detail: in the past the manufacturer had used the name HydrogenOS for the Chinese variant of the proprietary interface; globally it now uses the name OxygenOS; the future name could recall the chemical symbol of water, H₂O in fact. In short, OnePlus would have a fair passion for chemistry.

Leaving the jokes aside, it is however good to remember that already last September, in presenting to the public the “phase 2.0 ″ of OnePlusthe co-founder and CEO Pete Lau had revealed some very important details: primarilyprogrammatically there is already a very deep integration between OxygenOS 12 and ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 and this should guarantee greater stability and more timely updates; second, the unified operating system of OPPO and OnePlus will combine their respective strengths – the speed and fluidity of the OxygenOS trademarks and the stability and richness of features of the ColorOS – and the project will be entrusted to the leadership of Gary C., current OxygenOS Product Lead.

Net of the name change, the latest updates and the increasingly numerous similarities lead us to a speculation: H₂OOS or not, the unified OS of OPPO and OnePlus will inherit much more from ColorOS than from OxygenOS and this is not necessarily a bad thing, rather.

As for the timing, Pete Lau’s intervention was accompanied by the following summary image: OnePlus 2022 flagship was indicated as the first to be launched with the new integrated OS, with the release of the “2022 Major Android Update”Associated with updating global OnePlus smartphones to the new integrated OS.

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