Openal What is it? Should we delete it?

Openal What is it ? Is he a virus ? Is it safe to remove it ? These are all the questions that preoccupy your mind. Usually, He don’t you will not consume a lot of CPU or from memory on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

For the gamers, this program is a game component that can be dispensed with when play games, like “NFS, Jedi Knight II, Running With Rifles” You may even notice its presence until the day you get a new one. graphics card installed on your PC. You noticed that there is a program named OpenAL in the installed programs.
If you are still wondering if it is possible to delete safely and what it is for on your PC, follow this article.

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Openal What is it?

As an abbreviation of Open Audio Library, the program is ” Application Programming interface “. With a style similar to that ofOpenGL, he is dedicated to 3D positional audio display, which also explains why he is sometimes integrated in your PC.


In particular, when you want to play some games, this program is necessary. At the same time, you can enjoy a more lively game with a perfect sound effect. Of course, some audio applications require OpenAL as well as under Windows 7, 8 or 10.

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Should I delete it?

It seems he is useless on your PC, but in reality, just as you have noticed, it is necessary for some applications. For example, in some games, he offers you a 3d realism. This way you better do not uninstall it from your PC. And by default it brings you advantages rather than a virus, so there is no negative effects if you keep it on your computer.

Uninstall OpenAl

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Well he reaches you at the same time as audio card or sound card, It is safe if you want to delete it under Windows 10. To conclude, you can uninstall . But the decision to delete or not is entirely up to you.

If you find that you have never used this program and will not be using it in the future, you can try delete it Windows 7, 8 and 10, especially when it causes errors of CPU or the high memory consumption or any other error on your PC.

Although, if you need to use this software in games or some audio applications, you’re supposed to leave him alone. Do not delete it, because you will have problems without the presence of this program.

Once you have decided to leave on your pc, it is necessary to give you an idea on how to download or update its drivers for Windows 10.

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In addition to learning the concept of the host of the Open AL program, for people who have not yet installed the software, you can now think of download it on Windows 10 in order to make full use of his cross-platform 3D audio effect. It’s fantastic in games and audio devices. And download it can also correct the problem of OpenAL32.dll missing.

He is foolproof to get a on your PC, just navigate to the site official and you find that all downloads available will be at your disposal.
Click on To download and you will be able to get both the Basic OpenAL SDK and Windows installer.

Download OpenAl
To download

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These are essential elements for installation on your PC.

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If you have problems with audio when using from OpenAL then you must check if the drivers are outdated. For update to latest version, you will have to go to the control panel and uninstall the existing program option. So you can download the latest version by going on the OpenAL official website and start using its latest functions easily.

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