OnePlus is reminiscent of Hasselblad’s XPan camera

OnePlus has announced a novelty for its 9 series of smartphones: XPan mode. Developed in collaboration with its camera partner, Hasselblad, XPan mode allows owners to recreate the original experience of the historic Hasselblad XPan camera with their smartphone.

XPan mode on the Hasselblad camera found on mobile devices OnePlus 9 And OnePlus 9 Pro it was designed to evoke the experience of using Hasselblad’s XPan camera, which offered 35mm format with the ability to quickly switch to full panoramic format without having to change the film.

Some of the main features of XPan mode include:

Two focal lengths, reproducing the two classic Hasselblad XPan lenses.
With its two focal lengths of 30mm and 45mm, reminiscent of the two classic lenses of the original Hasselblad XPan camera, you can take panoramic images with a preview display directly on the OnePlus camera app. The details of the original camera have been meticulously recreated in XPan mode, to deliver a true Hasselblad XPan experience.

Proportions in 65:24, which allow for a unique narrative.

Photos taken in XPan mode have an aspect ratio of 65:24, the same as the original Hasselblad XPan camera. Images shot in XPan mode are processed by the 48MP main camera and 50MP wide-angle camera, instead of the default 12MP mode. The result is a high resolution image of over 20 MP. XPan images have a resolution of 7552×2798 on 30mm and a resolution of 7872×2916 on 45mm.

Default color based on the classic black and white effect of film.
OnePlus worked with Hasselblad on two options to simulate the traditional film effect in XPan mode: a color mode and a unique black and white mode. XPan mode on the OnePlus 9 series opens in black and white, alluding to the tone and style of classic black and white film used in XPan cameras. The black and white mode helps the narration of our photographs by giving a different perspective, whether it is objects such as portraits, street photography or architecture. The color mode has also been optimized with Hasselblad, giving it a rich and realistic color profile. It is possible to switch from color to black and white mode according to your preferences.

Homage to the ritual of film development.
In XPan mode, once the exposure time has been defined, the image taken will initially appear as a negative film, then developing into the image to be saved on the phone. This is reminiscent of the traditional film camera mechanism and pays homage to the ritual of film development.

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