OnePlus 10 Ultra may be in the works

The OnePlus 10 Pro launched a couple of weeks ago and while it sports a flagship smartphone look it really isn’t. The device does not hold its own against the Xiaomi 11 Ultra and the reviews of its camera have not been the best, however it seems that the company has a flagship model in the works that could be called OnePlus 10 Ultra.

OnePlus 10 Ultra could debut in the coming months

With a tweet today, whistleblower Yogesh Brar revealed that an “ultra” model of OnePlus is in phase of Engineering Verification Testing, a test performed on prototypes during their early alpha stages, which is followed by the design verification test and then the product verification test, after which the product is declared ready for release.

This suggests that the company may have plans to launch an alleged Ultra variant of the OnePlus 10 in the coming months.

The tweet also talks about the growing synergy between OnePlus and OPPO, stating that the sharing of technology between the two companies is currently in full swing.

The OPPO Find X5 series has already received Hasselblad optics, a feature that has remained more of a OnePlus exclusive to this day, while the OPPO-developed MariSilicon imaging NPU could debut on a flagship OnePlus device in the second half of 2022. and it cannot be ruled out that it could be OnePlus 10 Ultra.

On the cover: OnePlus 10 Pro

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