OnePlus 10 Ultra could really exist and have this design

The future of OnePlus is slowly unfolding before the eyes of enthusiasts and professionals and, according to the most recent rumors, this year the brand’s flagship series could include an even more ambitious third model: OnePlus 10 Ultra.

In recent days we have seen how the Chinese manufacturer is working hard to renew the proposal in the mid-range of the market with OnePlus Nord CE 2 and OnePlus Nord 2T, but also what could be the name of the unified OS of OnePlus and OPPO.

OnePlus 10 Ultra: the probable design from a patent

The first whispers about an elusive OnePlus 1o Ultra – which would go alongside and look from above the already announced (only in China) OnePlus 10 Pro and the still awaited OnePlus 10 – date back a few days ago, however now the smartphone passes from ‘be a mere rumor to already have a probable design.

The new information was shared on Twitter by the whistleblower TechInsider (@TechInsiderBlog), according to which the patent for the design visible in the following image would have been filed by OnePlus in the month of September 2021.

The smartphone shown has a clear similarity to the design of the already official OnePlus 10 Pro, however – as underlined by the source – it differs in the layout of the photographic sector rear. In fact, the square shape of the third camera, the lower one, suggests the integration of an optical zoom system with periscope lenses that OnePlus 10 Pro does not have. It is also speculated on the possible presence of a small secondary display.

At present, however, it is still too little even to be sure of the existence of a OnePlus 10 Ultra, nor certainly a few drawings for a patent can be enough to unravel all the doubts. We just have to wait: if the smartphone is made, further clues will not be long in emerging.

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OnePlus 10 Pro on the cover

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