OnePlus 10 Pro bends and breaks in front of JerryRighEverything

Okay, the title is slightly vague, but it gives a good idea; in fact today we do not want to talk to you about a foldable, category for which we have recently reviewed OPPO Find N, but about the latest top-of-the-range smartphone from OnePlus, passed through the hands of JerryRighEverything, coming out not exactly unscathed. Let’s see how she went.

OnePlus 10 Pro bends… and breaks

OnePlus 10 Pro is not yet available in our country, in reality it is not in any place outside of China for the moment, but this has not prevented the famous youtuber from recovering a copy, to be subjected to its now canonical endurance tests. .

As you can see from the video, for most of the test, the smartphone resists normally, the various parts react as you would expect, as most devices do nowadays, in short, it is average. Arriving at the folding test, however, the situation takes a bad turn (and not only that), under the pressure exerted by the hands of the youtuber in fact, the rear yields quicklyshowing a conspicuous crack in much of the glass on the back.

The smartphone, however, tries to resist undeterred and is still fully functional, despite the aesthetic damage; then, the dear smartphone destroyer, turns the device and starts applying pressure with his hands on the front of OnePlus 10 Pro. Crack! The unfortunate telephone it breaks in twoliterally like a cracker, completely destroying the display; however, the heroic LED flash does not want to give it to her tormentor, and continues her work undeterred, probably and sadly aware of her added uselessness.

JerryRighEverything therefore proceeds to examine the causes of this failure which, at least in recent times, has become quite rare to see: the youtuber’s examination reveals what is the initial weakness of the whole thing, that is the metal side shell in correspondence with the slots for the physical keys; internally the smartphone is almost divided in two (now also externally in reality) with the lower area occupied by the battery and the upper one by the photographic compartment and motherboard, precisely this division, combined with the reduced thickness of the side body in correspondence with it, probably has brought the device to its inexorable end.

However, considering that users are not usually used to torture their devices, a hard cover could help in case you decide to buy OnePlus 10 Pro in the future, and want to try to improve its overall solidity.

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